Kinugawa Corporation

  • Booth: 1071

All of our staffs are waiting for you at our booth.

We are Kinguawa Corporation in Japan. We are manufacturing diving equipment in Japan over 55 years from 1955. Our brand name is GULL.
Our main products are Diving masks, snorkels, and rubber fins.
All of products are made in Japan. Especially our mainly products is rubber fins. We are thinking that rubber material is the best material for Scuba Diving fins. It's our philosophy or fins of Scuba Diving equipment.
So we are keeping on making only rubber fins from the time of its founding. Please check our latest technology of rubber fins at our booth.
And also we are preparing a lot of color frame for every masks and snorkels, too.

Our products of GULL brand are used by a lot of Scuba Diving Instructor in Asia area including Japanese instructors.
Especially we are having big market share in Asian market now.

We are seeking new our dealar of GULL in U.S.A. market. If you would like to make an appointment to us during DEMA SHOW, please send your requested schedule to following email address.
Contact person: Kazuhide Hoshino(Export manager)