Charlotte,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 841

Welcome to our Mixto World of color, prints, safety & style!

ScubaDoRag - Since 2000, we've brought Style, Color and Fashion to the Scuba Industry. Be Seen! All of our Made in America products coordinate to bring color and style in high performance fabrics that stretch, unlike cotton. Be seen in the original and the patented ScubaDoRag - more than a product - a brand of color, style and authenticity... We design cool products to add color, flair and utility to your active lifestyle in adventure sports of Scuba, surf, water sports, yoga, Pilates and more.

We are The Original who opened the market to innovative Color and Style in adventure sports.

(If we see this wording copied on copiers' sites, we'll know they've done it again :-)

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  • One Free ScubaDo Hose Cover with Each Dozen ScubaDoRags

    or ScubaGoodHoods on qualifying orders.

    You will never know the simple intelligence of identifying your gear and that of your students and fellow travelers. If you sold them their BCD, it was probably one of 3 or 4 you offer. That's great because you believe that style is the best for your customers - but now, everyone's look the same. Show your customers how to ID themselves, their gear and make money by upselling our products as impulse buys. The functionality of our ScubaDoRag, ScubaGood Hood and our CoCo Big Oh! Headband, our signature ScubaTubeSocks can identify their gear with a matching, additional product - our ScubaDo Hose Covers (We originally came up with these for Rebreather Hoses and still offer for that too)

    Come by Booth 841 and let us show you how - We are the Ones others Copy!

    One Free ScubaDo Hose Cover with Each Dozen ScubaDoRags or ScubaGoodHoods on qualifying initial minimum order of $500 total or, for established dealers, our minimum reorder of $300 total. 


  • The ScubaDoRag™
    The original patented ScubaDoRag™, accept no substitute! Designed for divers and Fashion Forwards to tame the hair, identify them above & below & provide sun protection on the surface. For longer hair, ponytail can be stuffed into the Secret Compartment....

  • The original ScubaDoRag™ (patent allowance granted), accept no substitute! Our first and most popular product, the ScubaDoRag™ is designed for divers to tame the hair, identify them underwater and provide sun protection on the surface. FashionForwards have adopted them for the color they provide and to keep their hair contained on those casual or bedhead days. For longer hair, the Ragtails can be tied over and under the ponytail and stuffed into the Secret Compartment in the Stingray Pouch™ or use the included ziplock bag for storing a bit ‘o cash, credit card / ID, key or a lucky charm.