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Deep-sea diving: flying beneath the sea

Deep-sea diving is nowadays one of the most fascinating sea sports. Whole realms open up in the silence of the deep. The sea is an exciting world, full of mystery yet with sparkle. The brilliant colours on the seabed, the diversity of the sea creatures, the stunning underwater seascapes await discovery by explorers within this vast blue environment.
Greek seas are well known for their rugged terrain and amazing sea life. Undersea caves, great reefs, ancient sunken towns, famous shipwrecks make up an invisible world, yet pulsating and alive. The entrancing iridescence of the sunlight, diffracted by the crystal-clear waters, the sense of peace and eternity prevailing beneath the surface of the sea, the reduction in human weight lending a sensation of flight and freedom, all make diving an exhilarating experience.

In Greece there are many associations and societies where one can learn diving techniques; there are also many companies involved with diving as a sport, which supply equipment, either to buy or to rent, at very reasonable prices.