Fresh-Aire safety Snorkel

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Patented non-rebreather safety Snorkel with locking clip.

HOW IT WORKS:  Concieved as a comparison between Scuba and Snorkeling, the Fresh-Aire safety Snorkel is a complete improvement on the common snorkel.  No longer able to contaminate the inlet breathing tube with waste carbon dioxide (CO2), this invention forces the exhaust gasses out through the drain valve at the bottom of a snorkel.  Thus, cyclic breathing ensures every breath is pure fresh air.

PROBLEM:  Old snorkels have dead airspaces that cause headaches and nausea as the poisonous CO2 builds in the single path for both in- and ex-halations.  By making IN through the Top and OUT the Bottom airflows, only 21% oxygen is inhaled.  No more CO2 headaches! 

SOLUTION:  Non-rebreather, one-way airflow maximizes oxygen intake for clear-headed, alert diving without stupor.   Never again feel exhausted.  Dive refreshed. 

PLUS: 1.  When free diver submerges, Dry top closes to keep water out.
           2.   Purge valve automatically drains tube to ambient water level.
           3.   Squeeze-to-open snorkel keeper clip snap-locks-closed.
           4.   No need to "cautiously breathe past" standing water.  There's none.
           5.   No need to "blast clear".  Just puff it out.

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  • (Aug 01, 2018)

    1.  New dealers or stocking shops ordering a Fresh-Aire safety Snorkels package (thats a dozen each of 4 colors) get them at $19 each pre-paid with FREE shipping and NO tax.  Retail $39.

    2.  Dealers buying sample Masks from show stock get them at $30 each, including dry box.  Retails 49, 69, and $89 each. 

    3.  Dealers buying sample Fins from show stock get them at 40 and $50 each, while supplies last.  Retails 99 and $129 pair.

    4.  Distributors get a one time buy in at cost plus $5 (or less) per item.


  • FRESH-AIRE safety Snorkel
    What's NEW? A patented new way to breathe. IN through the Top, OUT through the Bottom, just like a regulator. No contamination of the 1-way breathing tube with exhaled breath!


  • Come see the next new thing in snorkels at Booth 873.

    1.  Dry top excludes water when you free dive.
    2.  Positive locking retainer clip opens with a squeeze.
    3.  Gravity valve automatically drains to sea level.
    4.  No need to "blast clear" ever again.
    5.  No need to "breathe past water".
    6.  No more CO2 headaches.  
    7.  Dive refreshed on constant 21% O2.
    8.  Dive longer with SAC trainer.
    Choose Black, Blue, Red, or Yellow colors.  $39 retail       USA

  • FRESH-AIRE Masks
    Hi quality, low volume, polycarbonate frame, tempered glass lens, food grade silicone, comfortable, fits most, double feathered skirt seal, import...

  •                                      Masks

    Single lens, low volume, adult 100 series ...................... $ 69.
    Double lens, low volume, adult 200, 400, 500 series .......  69.
    Double lens, low volume, narrow 500 or 1500 series ......   49.
    Add reflective mirrored color lens coating to any mask ....   20.
    Most are available in Black, Blue, Red, or Yelllow.

    Two styles: silicone strap short travel fin
    or longer spring steel straps technical fin....

  • F-300 series S/M with 370x37mm spring strap ................... $129.
          "     "     L/XL  "   390x37mm      "      "     ..................    129.
    Replacement strap of  353x37mm  Small strap  ..................      30.

    F-800 Travel fin XS/M fits US men's 4-8  ..........................     99.
          "                  ML-XL                   8-13 ..........................    99.

    Both styles come in Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow.      import

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