Force Blue

Montauk,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 2307

FORCE BLUE gives former combat divers veterans a chance.

Buoyancy. Belonging. Betterment.  Three words that represent not only the FORCE BLUE credo, but what the program will deliver to each veteran who participates.  The tools to regain equilibrium. The ability to feel at home in an alien world. Proof that their skills and training can still make a positive difference.

The FORCE BLUE team is seeking support from all those who see value in its mission and would like to play 

a part in its success.

For the nearly 3 million men and women now consideredveterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, transitioning to civilian life can be exceedingly difficult. Over half report “some” to “extreme” difficulty in social functioning, productivity, community involvement andself-care. 41% of those who served in combat are likelyto experience some form of PTSD and,most alarmingly, 22 veterans a day now take their own lives –more than three times the national average for non-veterans.To better assimilate, these veterans must first be made to realize they are not alone.  That their skills and training are transferable. That their future can still be mission focused. And that helping can be the antidote to harming.


  • Florida Project/Protect
    FORCE BLUE is currently developing “PROJECT PROTECT”...

  • FORCE BLUE is currently developing “PROJECT PROTECT”, a plan to move all operations to SOFLA for the next three years to assist the State (DEP) and its public and private sector partners in their efforts to rescue, preserve and restore the critically-endangered Florida coral reef tract.