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FloaterPaddle is a Buoyancy Aid For Swimming and Snorkeling

Introducing the FloaterPaddle - this unique, versatile, and easy to use personal buoyancy  aid makes the perfect addition to every swimming lesson, snorkeling, water exercise (aqua aerobics), or rehabilitation program.

Floater Paddle comes in two different styles: inflatable and foam. The foam version is made of EVA Foam and doesn't absorb water and highly durable.

Floater Paddle widens the surface area of your forearm which, like a flipper on a fish, increases your thrust and helps you to move through the water more efficiently. Adults will be amazed at how much faster they can swim when using the FloaterPaddle.

The FloaterPaddle is extremely buoyant so it is an excellent aid as a floating device for adults who want to relax and enjoy the water without physically exerting themselves. 


     Material: EVA Foam
     Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large
     Color: Orange

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  • (Oct 17, 2018)
    FloaterPaddle is looking for distributors and retailers around the world. 


  • FloaterPaddle
    FloaterPaddle widens the surface area of your forearm which helps you to move through the water more efficiently. It is extremely buoyant so you can enjoy snorkeling without physically exerting yourself....

  • FloaterPaddle is manufactured by injection molding using the super durable and lightweight EVA foam. It comes in 4 different sizes - Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. EVA foam is a closed cell foam and doesn't absorb water.