Cylinder Training Services

Edmonds,  WA 
United States
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CTS is your best option for updated training and equipment

Cylinder Training Services gives you an option for maintaining your 3yr HAZMAT re-certification for all cylinders. Our fresh and updated program covers steel, aluminum and composite cylinders. We also cover valves, cleaning and compressors in one class. Our program is administered through an ISO member organization to ensure quality and maintain standards. It is backed by an international insurance program which gives the participant peace of mind that our program has been vetted for accuracy.

CTS teaches courses for SCUBA, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, AVIATION, HYDROTESTERS, PAINTBALL or any other industry which deals in HIGH PRESSURE CYLINDERS. We travel to the customers location for convenience.

TOOLS: During the inspection process unique and specialized tools make the job easier and more economical. Cylinder Training Services has customized and designed specialized reference plates, inspection lights and numerous other tools used by anyone inspecting cylinders. Our website carries all our inspection tools.

We have numerous government and private agencies using our program: NOAA, NPS, RCMP, requalifiers & special forces.

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