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Cook Islands
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With over 30 dive sites, there is plenty to see!

With over 30 dive sites, there are plenty of options for the beginner to advanced.

Rarotonga is a volcanic gently sloping plateau that ‘drops off’ into a 4,500m abyss with an abundance of coral formations and no soft corals. All deep sea diving trips are boat-based and most of the dive sites are just ten minutes from the departure point.

Divers love the water clarity and diverse marine life that call our little paradise home. Temperatures from 23°C to 28°C, visibility up to 60m, steep oceanic drop offs, canyons, caves, a rainbow of colourful fish and walls of coral. With over 73 types of live coral and hundreds of fish species, it’s an underwater playground.

Still largely undiscovered by North Americans, the Cook Islands are like Hawaii was 60+ years ago, but with all of the modern conveniences. With it’s untouched charm and beauty, the Cook Islands are made up of 15 islands located in the heart of Polynesia, in the same time zone as Hawaii.

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