DEMA Show is committed to providing our attendees with exclusive deals, discounts and promotions. Find exclusive exhibitor show specials in advance of the show to help you plan a valuable experience.

  • The Bixpy Sales Team is offering 1 free product for every 10 products ordered during the show (for a max value of 10% discount off total invoice value). The offer is valid only for orders placed during the show and will not be extended for future orders. ... Learn More

  • In the spirit of DEMA's past, we have some exclusive specials only available to attendees of DEMA Show 2018 as a token of our appreciation for the time and money you spend attending the show. We can't share what they are here - you have to actually... Learn More

  • 1.  New dealers or stocking shops ordering a Fresh-Aire safety Snorkels package (thats a dozen each of 4 colors) get them at $19 each pre-paid with FREE shipping and NO tax.  Retail $39. 2.  Dealers buying sample Masks from show stock get them at $30 each, including dry box.  Retails 49, 69, and $89... Learn More