Retailers attend DEMA Show to make connections with the vendors driving innovation in the dive, travel and action watersports industry. If you are interested in showcasing your product at DEMA Show 2018, click here.

The new products and technologies introduced at DEMA Show 2018 are the latest innovations to hit the industry. Take time to check out the showcase, then visit the company’s booth to see and demo the product!

New Products Featured at DEMA Show 2018:

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10 Bar Underwater Housings, Booth #320
     Mask with Flipping Lens
The Abingdon Co, Booth #1271
     Marina Automatic 200M Dive Watch with World Timer and Sapphire Crystal
The Abingdon Co, Booth #1271
     Nadia 200M Dive Watch with Tritium Tube Luminosity
aquaSketch, Booth #2826
     The aquaSketch Tablet
Bluelocar GmbH, Booth #2924
     BlueLocar Marlin
CAYAGO Americas Inc., Booth #2665
Dive Buddy Originals, Booth #2513
     New Men's Rash Guard in a Lightning Print and Sharks
Dive Buddy Originals, Booth #2513
     New Men's Dive Shorts in a Lightning Print and Sharks
DIVEVOLK Intelligence Tech Co., Ltd., Booth #2206
     DIVEVOLK Smart Diving Assistant
DryCASE LLC, Booth #2737
     The Forty Waterproof Adventure Duffel Bag
Eight Oceans Precision Industry, Booth #2666
     CREST Regulator Sets | Classic Series
FloaterPaddle LLC, Booth #2610
FRESH-AIRE Safety Snorkel, Booth #873
     FRESH-AIRE Safety Snorkel
Gear Aid, Booth #2047
     Ni Glo Gear Marker
HOCL Connectros, LLC, Booth #414
     Ocean Solutions
Huish Outdoors, Booth #258
     Atomic Aquatics ScubaHeat
Innovative Scuba, Booth #1259
     Tovatec Light + Camera
Laser Tools Co., Inc., Booth #1345
     Speargun Laser Sight
Lita's Natural Insect Repellent, Booth #2415
     LuxePak Travel Case - TSA Compliant
Ocean Technology Systems, Booth #649
     Spectrum Full Face Mask
Peter Diving International, S.L., Booth #871
     PETER Diving System
Plangea Inc., Booth #828
     Tuga Fish ID Snorkel Set
Reg-Mount Inc., Booth #1173
     Universal Fit RegMount
Remora Marine, Inc., Booth #3153
     Remora Solo
SCUBAJET, Booth #2014
SCUBAJET Underwater DPV Dive Scooter
Serenity Concept - Smart Dive, Booth #2843
     S² Boat Locator System
Shearwater Research Inc., Booth #3034
SI TECH AB, Booth #2259
     UWIS System
STEPDive, Booth #2646
     STEPDive Diving System & Junior Training Program
Sublue Underwater AI Co., Ltd., Booth #670
     Whiteshark Mix underwater Scooter
Submersible Systems, Booth #1659
     EasyDive Kit
TEKTITE Industries, Booth #1158
     Expedition Star +
Thalatoo, Booth #1270
     Maoi - the smart dive computer
Underwater Spotter, Booth #321
     Underwater Spotter's Ocean Life Guide
Witz Sport Cases, Booth #2625
     Floatable Waterproof Smartphone Pouch
X-Adventurer Co., Ltd., Booth #344
     T1800 Series LED Primary Light