Exhibitor Updates

Exhibitor Companion 1/12: Important Upcoming Deadlines

Exhibitor Companion 2/23: Become a Speaker at DEMA Show 2017

Exhibitor Companion 3/23: DEADLINE TOMORROW: Second Booth Space Liability Deadline is 3/24

Exhibitor Companion 4/20: Verify Your Business Profile

Exhibitor Companion 5/18: 100% Liability Date for Contracted Booth Space Approaching

Exhibitor Companion 6/22: Important Deadlines Approaching

Exhibitor Companion 7/13: This Speaking Opportunity Won't Cost You a Dime!

Exhibitor Companion 8/10: Important Show Directory Deadline Tomorrow

Exhibitor Companion 8/23: Exhibitor Services Manual is Now Available

Exhibitor Companion 9/7: Don't Miss These Deadlines!

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Beware of Fair Guide, Faireguide.com and Construct Data Solutions

You may have recently received correspondence from the above mentioned companies that referenced DEMA Show. The company that sent this letter, Construct Data, requested that you update your contact information in order to keep the FAIR Guide up-to-date and will invoice you for their services at a later date. These FAIR Guides are not a DEMA publication or website. DEMA is in no way involved with or in business with FAIR Guide, Fairguide.com or Construct Data. In the fine print of this letter you may find a charge of USD $1,717 that will be billed to you annually for a period of three years for a service that could be of no possible value to you.

DEMA did not supply these companies with your contact information and has no affiliation with them. Whether you decide to list your company in any Fair Guide is solely your decision. It does not affect your relationship with DEMA in any way. DEMA maintains its own records of exhibitors and produces its own Official Show Directory for its trade show.

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) is pleased to announce it has been working with the FTC to confirm it has stopped the Construct Data/Fair Guide scam that many IAEE members have received and asks members to forward any solicitations received since February to info@iaee.com. The full announcement can be found here.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this solicitation, as well as the manner in which you were solicited. DEMA had no knowledge of the solicitation of its exhibitors by these unrelated entities.