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Gene Dold

Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet


Years with Explorer Ventures: Since 2020 ("I'm a new kid on the team")

Living place: Cape Coral, Florida, USA.

Business/Experience/Education backgrounds: MA in psychology with 26 years of managing behavioral health programs. I have worked in the dive industry for 22 years working in wholesale dive travel.

Years Diving (or a bit of his passion for the ocean): "I started diving as a junior scuba diver certified by LA County Parks & Recreation Scuba program on Catalina Island in 1966 and have been diving since. After moving to Florida and planning on entering the dive industry I became an instructor. I grew up each summer spending time on Catalina Island, diving and boating around the island. I just need big, blue bodies of water close to me to feel whole."

Favorite place to travel/dive: "Indonesia, certainly is at the top of the list, but I love Saba and the Maldives is special. I just love to travel, just to learn, experience and explore."

Something unique or little known about him: "Beginning at the age of 8 or so, I would dive for coins when the SS Catalina would come into Avalon. The tradition was that people would through coins off the boat to young kids who would catch or dive for them! I learned to dive to 40 feet just to get the nickel before the next kid!"


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