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Staying Afloat: The Essentials of Building Strong Digital Relationships Now

  • Education Platform: GoTo Webinar
Thursday, December 31, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


DEMA Seminar Speaker
Jennifer Shaheen
The Technology Therapy Group
Tec Clark
Founder and Host


Quarantines come, and quarantines go: a diver’s hunger for the sea remains the same. What do people do when they’re stuck at home? They spend a lot of time online, doing fun things like dreaming about the trip of a lifetime they’re going to take someday. And when someday gets here – they’re going to do business with the dive companies they’ve formed the strongest relationships with online.

In this session, digital relationship expert Jennifer Shaheen will explain how to start and strengthen the connection you have with your customers. You’ll learn how website and social media data can help you better understand who your customers are, socially-distant savvy messaging strategies, and how to use automation appropriately in order to make best use of your time.  

There’s a special focus on helping business owners learn how to get more comfortable using Zoom and other newly relevant digital messaging channels to provide high touch, individual attention to your customers.




• Make data-driven decisions based on their own website & social media
• Provide high-touch, individual attention while maintaining social distancing norms
• Oversee their marketing automation to capitalize on opportunities & avoid “oops” moments
• Overcome nervousness about technology & focus on getting the job done

Who Can Attend:
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