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Fourth Element

Helston,  Cornwall 
United Kingdom

North American office : 207 935 1670 Sales : Michele Tomillo

Fourth Element is the market leader in thermal protection and leads the way as an aspirational dive brand that puts the health of the ocean environment at the heart of everything it does.  With users including FBI dive teams, the Norwegian Navy and the US National Parks Service, fourth element products are proven in the most demanding conditions worldwide.  New products at this year's DEMA event include gloves, luggage, the RF1 freedive suit, Xenos7 an OceanPositive stinger suit and a new OceanPositive swimwear collection.  Join us for a catch up and a cup of tea over zoom http://fourthelement.com/dema


Grown, Not Made
Learn more about our new OceanPositive Hydroskin rashguards
Escape The Ordinary


  • Artic hoodie
    Exceptional warmth post-dive
    Performs even when wet
    Hand warmer pockets
    Fleece inner
    Machine washable


  • With a casual style, backed up by outstanding thermal protection and tested in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, the Arctic Hoodie is technology disguised as everyday clothing.

    The two-layer construction with the Arctic’s water repellent outer and high density fleece inner, create the perfect garment for colder temperatures. Layer it with a waterproof jacket and the Arctic Hoodie can take you from the street to the dive site without missing a beat, even if that dive site is at the edge of an ice-floe.

    Machine washable and warm even when wet, this hoodie is ready for anything.
  • Xenos 7mm
    Fast Transition Wetsuit

    Don’t Miss A Second...

  • The Xenos wetsuit line has been developed for the discerning diver who needs an easy-to-don wetsuit that performs well and looks great.
    Hardwearing knee panels, Hydrolock wrist seals, internal ankle seals with easy-on cuff design, Glideskin neck seal, Thermoflex lining with Thermocore chest panel, double glued and blind stitched seams to minimise water entry, double Smoothskin zip-flap reduces water entry through back zip.
  • Hooded Vest
    Versatile Body Core Protection

  • A simple minimalist design ensures that this vest will fit under an existing wetsuit, offering enhanced protection to the body core. The 3mm neoprene fabric features a smooth outer and thermal inner lining, providing additional warmth without excess bulk. The 5mm hood has a Smoothskin seal to ensure that water ingress is minimised, whilst valve holes on the top of the head allow for air to escape. Layer this under a wetsuit for head to ankle thermal protection.

  • Expedition DryPack
    Not all who wander are lost...

  • The perfect pack for weekend adventures. With two waterproof compartments and a generous 60L volume, this pack is designed for divers, freedivers and weekend explorers alike.

    The main dry compartment features roll top closure to ensure the contents remain dry with adjustable straps to modify the size depending on how much gear is inside. The outer waterproof pouch can be used to separate items or after you’ve been in the water; to separate wet gear from remaining dry clothing. Between the two compartments is a hidden fin pocket, conveniently sized to accommodate all diving fins and most freediving fins or provide additional gear storage.

    The bright blue colour ensures easy visibility and assists with finding items of predominantly black dive gear inside.

    A larger carrying capacity demands a more serious comfort system for the back and shoulders. This Drypack has a contoured back panel to allow air flow, along with padded shoulder and hip straps, making this a capable bag for the most intrepid weekend adventures.

    60 litre volume
    Bright blue inner
    Heavy-duty mesh PVC
    High quality clasps and buckles
    Welded seam construction throughout
    Compartments secured with a roll top and adjustable straps
    Hidden fin pocket secured by pocket straps
    Internal pocket
    Shaped back panel
    Comfortable waist harness
    Ergonomic padded straps with webbing loops
    Sternum strap
    Durable base - currently not double lined but may need to be TBC


  • 3mm Surface Hood
    This minimalist 3mm hood made with the same recycled materials and construction as the Surface, is warm, with excellent stretch to ensure a comfortable fit....

  • Yulex Pure™ natural neoprene made from sustainable latex
    Aqua based glue - no harmful solvents
    95% lined with recycled polyester
    Minimalist branding with water-based inks
  • RF1
    The RF vest is designed to be worn with the RF1 freedive suit for additional warmth. The vest pulls over the top of the suit without impinging mobility, adding a Glideskin hood and additional 3mm of thermal protection to the body core for cooler waters.


  • With the optimum combination of Smoothskin and lined neoprene, the RF1 is designed to maximise your freedom in the water, allowing you to focus on your breath, visualise and reach your limit.

    Easy to don, yet effectively sealed by Smoothskin seals at the wrists, ankles and neck. A 'black-out' zipper and robust inner linings ensure that this suit is more versatile than open cell suits, but water ingress is minimised keeping you warmer for longer.

    Smoothskin panels over the shoulders and along the legs give excellent stretch, improving fit and hydrodynamics, while subtle knee protection and more durable linings elsewhere ensure that this suit is practical for freediving in many environments.
  • RF Vest
    Versatile Body Core Protection

  • A simple minimalist design ensures that this vest will fit under an existing wetsuit, offering enhanced protection to the body core. The 3mm neoprene fabric features a smooth outer and thermal inner lining, providing additional warmth without excess bulk. The 5mm hood has a Smoothskin seal to ensure that water ingress is minimised, whilst valve holes on the top of the head allow for air to escape. Layer this under a wetsuit for head to ankle thermal protection.
  • RF2
    Streamline cut optimising glide
    6/5/4mm thickness for comfort, flexibiity and warmth
    Designed for simple donning with little or no suit lube
    Smoothskin seals on wrists and face
    Beavertail closure with reinforced panels for durabilty...

  • Streamlined and high-performance, this two piece suit has been developed for freedivers who want to enjoy maximum freedom and ultimate warmth.

    Combining double lined panels for durability and ease of donning with Smoothskin panels to minimise water ingress and maximise hydrodynamics, this hybrid freediving suit offers cool and cold water freedivers the freedom to explore their limits in comfort.

    With hydrodynamic panels of Smoothskin neoprene and lined neoprene, the suit is both comfortable and practical, being more durable than Smoothskin suits whilst retaining excellent stretch and form fitting design. The inner Smoothskin panels of the leggings provide an excellent seal around the midriff, whilst the lining of the legs ensures that this suit can be used without the need for lubrication. Generous and effective Smoothskin seals in the ankles, wrists and around the face ensure that water ingress is minimised. The Smoothskin outer of the hood gives excellent hydrodynamics whilst ear holes in the hood enable rapid, comfortable equalisation.

    Designed with the consultation of professional freedivers, instructors and with the knowledge of freedive suit specialists, this suit brings together fourth element's knowledge of thermal protection with freediving expertise at the top of the sport to create a recreational suit that is easy to get on and you won't want to take off.
  • RF Socks
    Created to use in conjunction with our RF series, these socks will keep the extremities warm whilst in the water so you can focus on reaching your limits....

  • New for 2021: the freedive sock - designed to be worn with full foot fins for cold water training - these socks feature a smooth open cell lining to minimise water ingress and a hardwearing supratex sole with heel and toe wraparound for maximum protection.

  • Stinger Suit
    Developed to provide protection from stinging jellyfish and zooplankton which seasonally occur in tropical waters, this stinger suit provides all over protection thanks to a generous, close fitting hood and finger covering....

  • Using a heavier grade fabric made from recycled post-consumer plastic, the suit is not only excellent at protecting the wearer from stinging organisms, it also provides UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV radiation from the sun. Flatlocked seams throughout maximise comfort next to the skin making this an ideal snorkelling suit or cover up for warm water diving.


    We consume nearly 1 million plastic bottles a minute globally. This waste is not always necessary and not all of it is handled responsibly. Recycling is one solution to the problem, creating new products from old, but it is just a part of tackling the problem. Rejecting single-use plastic packaging and recycling whenever and wherever possible is a step in the right direction. With small changes in our behaviour, we can make a big difference. The suit fabric is 85% recycled polyester from ocean-bound plastic bottles and each Hydroskin prevents approximately 19 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or worse still, the ocean.
  • Destination Swimwear Collection
    Made with recycled nylon from ghost fishing nets,...

  • Made with recycled nylon from ghost fishing nets, our swimsuits and bikinis feature uniquely designed prints inspired by the origins of the fabric and patterns in sea life. Minimalist designs without clasps or ties, developed for wearing under a wetsuit. Our swimwear range is designed not only to look great, but also to excel in active performance.
  • Gloves
    A fourth element staple, redesigned for 2021 using new materials and construction, the glove range has improved fit, comfort and flex....

  •   Minimal prints have been used over the backs of the hands where most flex occurs; reducing fatigue in the hands over long dives whilst still maximising the thermal protection.  The addition of a hydrolock seal to the 5mm glove, Kevlar glove and 7mm mitt, reduces water ingress and maximises thermal protection. Seams are glued, blindstitched and fused to ensure they are watertight, and thermal linings further improve protection. The Octo-grip print provides maximum flexibility with durability at the finger tips and good grip.