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Nature Island Dive


Dive with our passionate family for great experiences!

If you are looking for some of the best diving in the Caribbean and for the dive shop that will consistently take you to the best dive sites in Dominica, look no further than Nature Island Dive! For the complete Nature Island Experiences you need to stay at Jungle Bay Villas, our accomodation partner for this DEMA special.

Locted on the shore of a marine reserve, the best dives sites are just minutes away by boat. Our knowledable guides are motivated every day to take you to the best sites available that day. Let the adventure begin! 

Talk to us live anytime during DEMA!

 Show Specials


  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
    Over 20 superb sites from walls to pinnacles and reefs to volcanic craters...

  • At Nature Island Dive we pride ourselves on knowing Dominica's best sites and strive to visit those sites every day. With superb customer service, easy access to the best sites, and a friendly family atmosphere our customers come back year after year. 

    We have been open almost every day even during the current pandemic. In the months without clients we have been repairing moorings on the dive sites, doing fish ID surveys, controlling lionfish, photographing the sites and corals and exporing new sites.  There have been no other dive boats out at sea but we simpy cannot control our passion and love for these reefs. This passion comes across in our dive team. Our greatest frustration this last year was diving in perfect conditions, on thriving reefs covered in fish and not being able to share it with our clients. 

    Now we can! Under Dominica's "Safe in Nature" which is a managed expereince for arrivals from any country, even those classifid as high Risk, like the USA can arrive and start diving on day one! There are protocols for arrival and how we operate but your group of divers can be enjoying these great sites as soon as you arrive!! With Dominica's low risk profile for COVID19 you are in safe hands!

    Our dive sites vary from 1500ft/500m walls just minutes from shore, to pinnacles and sloping reefs covered in schools of creole wrasse, yellowtail snappers, horse eye jacks, barracudas and also draped in incredibly healthy and colorful sponge life.

    Snorkelers can join in with which ever dives are suitable and have a choice of snorkling up against a 1500 ft deep wall or over shallow shelves bursting with colour. Ou most famous snorkeling site is Champagne where you float over millions of tiny volcanic bubbles.

    Our dive sites never dissapoint and Nature Island Dive spends more time than any other dive shop diving the most dramatic sites. So contact us and lets start getting you back on some world class dive sites.

  • Watersports
    Kayaking and Paddle Boarding (SUP)...

  • Kayaking and Paddle Boarding (SUP) in the Marine Reserve

    Nature Island Dive is located on the shore of the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve. You can spend an afternoon padling around our beautiful bay, taking in the sights and relaxing. Or opt for a more strenuous work-out and paddle yourself across the bay to Scotts Head Point, or up the coast past dive sites like L'Abym and Coral Gardens. All the while keeping your eyes open for a whale spout or a dolping fin! 

  • Local Accommodation
    Great options for local accommodation just minutes from the dive shop. Something for all budgets!...

  • Jungle Bay Dominica for upscale expierence or Soufiere Guest house for lower budget minded divers. Both just minutes away for the dive shop