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Carlisle,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1923

USGladius® knives are based on the design of the Ancient Roman Gladius (short sword), the standard arm of the Roman Legions (army), proven on battlefields and the gladiatorial spectacles of the arena for over 400 years. USGladius has the Only United States Design Patent to take the ancient Gladius and alter it for a more modern useful tool.  Uses tactical, bushcraft, utility, survival, diving.   

This unique design not only provides excellent balance from a functional standpoint but an aesthetic beauty as well, uncommon in a standard tactical knife.

The Desert Legion XIILegion XIV Elite, and War Galley knives all have removable handle scales. The knives can be used without scales to reduce weight, for easy cleaning, throwing, survival applications or to use with a lanyard.

The round pummel gives the USGladius® a distinctive look, but also serves several functions:

  •     Gives the knife excellent balance
  •     Serves as a striking tool
  •     Prevents the knife from slipping out of your hand
  •     Gives the knife its distinctive classic and aesthetic look

Built for rugged use and abuse using full tang stainless steel construction, USGladius® is destined to become a classic.