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HammerHead Spearguns

United States
  • Booth: 2256

Mission Statement

HammerHead Spearguns exists to promote a lifestyle of sustainable harvest and consumption of aquatic life.

We accomplish this mission by:

Living to Spear, Spearing to Eat.   We have a passion for diving Backyards, Blackwaters, or Billabongs it does not matter where the water is if its wet we’ll have our mask on, our rubbers cocked, and fish in the boat.

It’s in our DNA.  As hunters we are also innovators, thinking and conceptualizing the very best way to dive deeper or take down big fish.  With more current patents and patents pending than any other speargun company today you can really say “It’s in our DNA”.

Sharing what we do.  Your reading this for a reason and it’s because we want to share our passion, innovation, and love for spearfishing with all who support our mission statement.