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Analox Sensor Technology

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States

First choice for Nitrox, Trimix & Carbon Monoxide analyzers

Analox are an exciting gas manufacturer who put sensors into space as well as deep under the sea. All of this product knowledge and experience have gone into developing and making scuba gas analysers allowing you to take the plunge with confidence. Our range of scuba analyzers include:

The US Navy approved O2EIIPro is a nitrox analyzer . This quick and easy to use oxygen analyzer has been used by divers across the world.

The Analox ATApro™ Trimix analyzer is half the size and weight of our original ATA, offering helium, oxygen and balance gas readings.

The Analox CO Clear™ carbon monoxide alarm ensures you are selling and using a CO free mix.

The portable ACG+ compressor monitor:  Real time monitoring of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and water vapor in compressed breathing air lines. 

Over the past 30 years Analox has established its reputation for developing innovative solutions to gas monitoring in extreme environments and are now recognized as a leading authority in our field.


Analox, helping you to take the plunge with confidence

 Show Specials

  • Analox will be offering our usual DEMA week specials so call:

    UK/ROW Sales - Kayleigh:
    Tel +44(0)1642 711400
    Email kayleigh.martin@analox.biz

    US Sales - Georgia:
    Tel (714) 891-4478
    Toll free (877) 723-3257
    Email georgia.markouizos@analox.biz


  • O2EII Pro
    To allow you to correctly plan for a safe & fun dive you need to know the O2 content in your nitrox mix. The O2EII Pro is a quick and reliable nitrox analyzer....

  • The O2EII Pro is a small, lightweight and rugged oxygen analyzer. Designed to check the quality of your scuba diving gas mix, the O2EII Pro can be used directly at the tank or though a BCD adaptor while in harness (BDC adaptor is not included).


    This highly accurate analyzer comes with a three year graded sensor warranty and an expected sensor life of four to five years in air.

  • ATA Pro
    As a technical diver your equipment needs to push the boundaries too. The ATA Pro is an ideal all in one trimix analyzer allowing you to safely plan for your dive.

  • The ATA Pro is a compact trimix analyzer offering oxygen, helium and balance gas readings in one box. 


    Users have the ability to zero and span the helium sensor as well as oxygen compensation allowing for a more accurate helium reading. 


    The ATA Pro can be easily carried wherever you dive in the world. Analox, making scuba analyzers affordable for all.

  • CO Clear
    Compressed breathing air can be contaminated by CO through issues relating to compressor maintenance or from the inlet. Keep your air clean with the CO Clear....

  • The CO Clear is an inline fixed unit installed to the compressor after the pressure has been regulated down to between 1 and 3BarG.


    The unit offers both visual and audible alarms to carbon monoxide levels. It can be fitted with a 4-20mA output allowing for the compressor to shut down should a leak be detected.


    Compared to colorimetric tubes, the CO Clear is simple to install and maintain and is a cost-effective way to continually monitor for the presence of carbon monoxide.

  • ACG+ Compressor Monitor
    The ACG+ is a fixed or portable compressed air monitor which continually/periodically monitors for O2, CO2, CO, VOC and water vapour. It has a port to run an oil mist test and data-logs for 90 days. It is user maintainable and simple to calibrate....

  • The ACG+ is a multi-gas compressor monitor intuitively designed so that you can ‘breathe easy’

    Say goodbye to fiddly tube tests and expensive lab analysis and say hello to a reliable, accurate monitor which can
    help you meet EN12021, CGA, CSA and OSHA compliance.

    This flexible system can be used as a fixed installation to continually monitor your air quality or as a portable
    monitor on a portable compressor or to spot check multiple compressors on your service round.
    Choose the ACG+ for hassle free compressed air tests and true peace of mind.

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