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Playa Del Carmen,  Q.Roo 

Diving with #bonassi.official #forzaragazzi #wearocean

Bonassi manufacture scuba diving gear to explore the oceans.

Over the past 40 years Punto Sub, a young Italian company, has grown from being one of the first diving centers in Italy (PADI S-101) to become a diving equipment, spearfishing and swimming industry leader. In 2009, the founders of Punto Sub, the Bonassi brothers, decided to expand the business form Italy to Mexico capitalizing on the energy of their sons Alberto and Andrea.

In 2018, Punto Sub  launched its own brand of scuba diving equipment: Bonassi. https://www.bonassi.io

The strength of the Bonassi brand is based on the Bonassi family’s forty-year heritage in the field of scuba diving. This vast experience has educated the Bonassi family, and their products reflect the best features available in the market while maintaining the company focus on original products specifically designed for the diving instructors, diving center, rental and snorkeling market. https://www.instagram.com/bonassi.official/

The majority of Bonassi products are made by expert Italian artisans with the approval of the European community. For more info info@bonassi.io


The Bonassi's philosophy


  • Koala BCD
    Koala is the best bcds in the market for a dive center o for a dive instructor. It's made with Cordura 1000 deniers, with integrated weight system and a supreme inflator. Actually this kind of inflator is used in technical diving for his hight resistance.

  • Bonassi Koala

    Video review

    Material: external high tenacity Cordura 1000 and inner Cordura 400. Adjustable cummerbund.
    Double buckle system in shoulders that makes it two sizes in one.
    Lateral pocket integrated system for leads.
    Two OP valves.
    CE certification.
    The inflator has no mobile parts that are subject to wear.
    The result is a safe, easy to maintain, and reliable control unit that lasts over 
    he increase of air passage sections and the system resizing have enhan- ced the exhaust capacity by over 30%. This improvement meets the new requirements of the technical market in the light of recent regulations.

  • Eolo Regulator
    First stage regulator not balanced piston. Great regulator for dive centers, made in Italy with the approval of the european community CE.
    Second stage not balanced with dive/pre-dive system...



    Non-balanced piston first stage.
    Simple, strong and indestructible.
    Conic filter.
    4 low-pressure outlets.
    1 low-pressure outlet.
    Second stage with excellent cold water performance.
    Diaphragm block safety ring which guarantees perfect functioning during all phases.
    Exhaust valve.
    Venturi control lever with dive-predive mde.

    Soft front cover.
    Hose length of 730 mm.

  • Kangú BCD
    Bonassi Kangú is the perfect BCD for five centers studied for rental market....

  • It comes with two large pockets that allow easy access to whatever gear you may store in them. Material: external high tenacity Cordura 1000 and inner Cordura 400. Adjustable cummerbund. Double buckle system in shoulders that makes it two sizes in one. Inflator system with pivot.

    Video Review Kangú BCD

  • Monsoon Wetsuit
    Shorty 3 mm neoprene wetsuit. Back YKK zipper....

  • Anatomic cut neck closure. Special velcro that does not damage the wetsuit. Perfect for snorkeling, dives in tropical waters and water sports in general. Specially studied for diving centers, tour companies and a strong daliy use. 

    Video Review Monsoon Wetsuit

  • Sirocco Wetsuit
    All-in-one 3 mm neoprene wetsuit ideal for rent and rough use. Back YKK zipper has aqua stop under zip and special velcro that does not damage the wetsuit....

  • Special patches in shoulders and knees for extra proteccion which are subjected to high stresses. Ideal for tropical water. Specially studied for diving centers, tour companies and a strong daily use. 

    Video Review Sirocco Wetsuit

  • Athena Mask
    Ideal for both SCUBA diving and freediving....

  • Reduced distance between lenses and eyes. Ample field of vision. Weight only 161 g. It fits everyone. Hypoallergenic silicone. Easy adjustable band strap. 5 colors available.

    Video Review Athena Mask


  • Maestro Diving Boots
    5 mm neoprene boot for open heel fins....

  • Antislip rigid sole. Long zipper for a better use comfort. Support in the heel designed for the fins. 

    Video Review Maestro Diving Boots

  • Marlin Fins
    Adjustable fin for SCUBA diving....

  • No neoprene boot needed. Regular dimensions fin with amazing reactivity and great propulsive performance. Ideal for the beginner diver as well as for the professional, instructors and technical diver.

    Video Review Marlin Fins

  • Crab Fins
    Closed fin suitable for snorkeling, freediving and SCUBA diving...

  • It is studied to resist to the strongest use. Ideal for rental, tour operators, fisherman and dive centers. The Crab fin comes with an ergonomic foot pocket that is extremely comfortable even during prolonged use. The blade is made in EVA material.

    Video Review Crab Fin

  • Snapper Fins
    Adjustable fin for recreational diving and snorkeling that does not need neoprene boots to be used....

  • The foot pocket has be studied to offer maximum comfort and the blade in high density polypropylene is reactive and nervous. The kick is pleasant and reactive offering a good performance even when you need to swim against the current. This fin is extraordinary practical since it adapts to all the feet. Perfect for rent, rough use, tour operators and diving centers, with only two sizes it speeds up the daily operation!

    Video Review Snapper Fins

  • Spools
    Made of high performance alluminium....

  • Specially designed for divers who love good quality, who seek adventure in places that are difficult to access, where each part of the equipment must be reliable and resistant.

    Available in 4 sizes: 10-15-30 and 45 meters.

    and 4 colors: red-green-orange and blue.

    Video Review Spools