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Memorial Reefs International, LLC

Kapolei,  HI 
United States

We create artificial reefs using cremated remains.

Memorial Reefs International was founded to provide a way to turn the solemn tradition of funerals into a celebration that enriches the oceans and provides habitat for marine life for generations to come. Like you, the team at Memorial Reefs International is extremely connected to our oceans as divers, sailors, surfers, and ocean lovers.a

    Memorial Reefs are artificial reefs placed on the sea floor create habitat for a wide variety of marine life, including corals, fish, crustaceans, and much more! 

Venice Italy, Progreso MX,  in USA: NJ, TX, FL. 

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 Show Specials

  • (Nov 17, 2020)
    $500 Off any"" Life Giving Ashes" or "Rememberance Vacation" Memorials! Contact us to place and order and use Promo Code DEMA20.


  • Life Giving Ashes
    Allow us to inter your loved ones cremated remains into a Memorial that will rest in a undersea memorial garden. Help the environment for years to come. A final resting place, with a meaning....

  • Memorial Reefs International will inter your loved one’s cremated remains during a dedication ceremony. The cremated remains are mixed with binding agents, creating the core ‘Jewel.’ We affix the Jewel to the inside of the Memorial Reef. 

    All Memorials include a bronze or ceramic marker. Each contains epitaph information, while the ceramic plaque may also feature a photo.

    Families receive a Certificate of Dedication with a map and GPS location within a custom binder. This allows families to visit the undersea memorial gardens at any time they choose.

    $1,000 Blue Phoenix. Community Reef. Up to 6 unique Jewels and Markers                  

    $3,000 Poseidon Memorial. 1 Jewel & Marker

     $4,000 Poseidon Couples Niche. 2 Jewels & Markers                                                                                            

    $5,000 Atlantis Memorial. 1 Jewel & Marker

  • Remembrance Vacation
    After cremation we gather with family and friends and inter the ashes into a Reef Ball. This creates a Memorial Reefs that is deployed at a permitted undersea memorial garden....

  • Remembrance Vacation Package

    Day 1- Dedication ceremony where family gathers to create the Jewel.

    Day 2- Free day to enjoy local activities & cuisine; build memories, or just relax.

    Day 3-  Morning Dedication. Family boards a boat to witness the placement of the memorial, scatter flowers and share words of reflection. 

    Day 3-  Afternoon Celebration of Life. Families are invited to enjoy a meal in honor of their loved ones.

    $6,000 for Poseidon Memorial + Remembrance Vacation                                                

    $8,000 for Atlantis Memorial + Remembrance Vacation                                                       

    $10,000 for Oceanus Memorial + Remembrance Vacation

  • Now & Later
    A Memorial Reef is placed now during the individual’s lifetime. Later when the time is needed we take your cremated remains and crate a second living legacy for generations to come....

  • Now and Later Plan

    Through our new Now & Later offer, a Memorial Reef is placed now during the individual’s lifetime and later when the time is needed. Both memorials will be outfitted with a ceramic plaque bearing the information you choose.  Families can opt to have a full ceremony, or have the Memorial Reef placed by our team on their behalf. The first Memorial Reef will not contain cremated remains, but can immediately begin restoring our seas. When the time comes to place the final Memorial Reef, friends and family can participate in a Remembrance Vacation. Currently the Now & Later plan is only available at certain locations and dates. 


    $1,000 added to a memorial.