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Cascade Game Foundry

Redmond,  WA 
United States

Hi! We make video games for people to explore the ocean.

It’s nice to virtually meet you! Who are we?

  • Veteran game-makers (programmers, artists, divers) who create custom software for museums, game companies, diving industry groups, and other adventurous clients.
  • Creators of Infinite Scuba® (diving simulation game) and its virtual-reality spin-off Dive with Sylvia VR
  • Washington-state Social Purpose Corporation (aka B Corp) whose social goals are environmental education and the promotion of STEM skills.
  • More info:
    • Video of our work: https://youtu.be/HzNOooc-0qQ
    • Infinite Scuba:  https://www.infinitescuba.com


  • Infinite Scuba
    Diving video game. Players do what real divers do: explore real-world locations, identify wildlife, search for artifacts, take photos, manage air/depth. Our mission is to enable people to be divers, so they will protect the ocean and become real divers....

  • Details:

    • All of the locations, critters, gear, and science are real and reflect the serenity, beauty, and thrill of diving in the real world.
    • As players find animals and artifacts or complete other tasks, they unlock knowledge rewards that tell more about the animal, plant, local history, local culture, and environmental issues.
    • Dive sites:
      • Chuuk Lagoon: WW2 shipwreck Gosei Maru, in the Federated States of Micronesia
      • Glover’s Reef: a large, sloping site in southern Belize featuring whale sharks
      • Coming soon: an underwater park in the Salish Sea
    • Partners:
      • Dr. Sylvia Earle, Pacific Science Center, IUCN, EarthX, Unity, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook Reality Labs, DEMA, 20+ diving gear makers
    • Great gift for divers, ocean advocates, and curious kids!
      • Retail price: $12.99
      • Eco-friendly gift cards and wholesale pricing available