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Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas


Thank you for visiting our virtual booth at DEMA 2020.

Since the 1970's Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas has been a fixture of the diving scene in Nassau, Bahamas.  Located on the South West side of the island, we are able to provide divers the greatest diversity of diving opportunities on sites as close as a 5 minute boat ride.  We are proud to say that our company has been awarded many years worth of Scuba Diving Magazine mentions ranging from "Best Big Animals" to "Most Popular Dive Operator".  Plus we have been awarded Trip Advisor's "Certificate of Excellence" for the past four years consecutively.


  • 2-Tank Dive
    AM or PM 2-Tank Dives offered daily featuring Walls, Reefs & Wrecks

  • Our 2-Tank Dives are offered both in the morning and afternoon. That means that it is possible to do 4 tanks in one day. On each 2-Tank Dive trip your first dive is a Wall Dive. The typical profile is 80 feet for 30 minutes. If you are an experienced diver with a computer you are allowed to go deeper, with a maximum depth of 100 feet. Your second dive is either a shallow reef where we have filmed many of our Hollywood feature films or one of our numerous shipwrecks. Shallow reefs run 20-40 feet and our wrecks run between 50 and 60 feet. 2-Tank Dives are $134 per person + tax with advance reservations and $144 per person + tax when purchased on island.

  • Shark Adventure Dive
    World famous 2-tank Shark Adventure Dive each afternoon...

  • Our world famous 2-Tank Shark Adventure dives are scheduled daily in the afternoon.  You can expect to be back at our dock between 4:30 & 5 PM, and returned to your hotel by 6:00 pm. Your first dive is a free swim along a beautiful Wall while sharks swim fluidly along side you.  It's an amazingly calming experience, and a fantastic way to observe shark behavior in a natural setting. Your second dive is a shark feeding dive. On this dive you will be kneeling on the bottom in 35 feet of water. Our expert feeder will bring the bait box down, and place it in the center of a semicircle of divers. The fun begins as soon as  the first piece of bait is presented. However once our feeder begins releasing bait on the tip of their pole spear watch out - because sharks will be everywhere!  Shark Adventure dives are $182 per person + tax with advance reservations and $192 per person + tax when purchased on island.

    *Please Note- A full body wetsuit and gloves are mandatory for the Shark Adventure.

  • Snorkel Adventure
    Explore an undersea extravaganza of living coral and tropical marine life on a boat dedicated to snorkeling....

  •  At Stuart Cove's Snorkel Bahamas (http://www.snorkelbahamas.com) there is an entire division dedicated to offering quality snorkeling adventures for our guests.  You and your friends will be taken to an undersea extravaganza of living coral and tropical marine life on your own dedicated boat. In just minutes you will be swimming with schools of colorful fish in the shallows of Nassau’s famous reefs, Hollywood movie sets, or mysterious sunken shipwrecks.  Each trip takes advantage of multiple and diverse underwater sites.  You captain will choose two of the clearest and calmest locations to begin your snorkeling adventure.  Then if the weather permits  – it’s off to snorkel with one of the most magnificent and misunderstood creatures of the sea – sharks!  Sharks are one of the most fascinating marine animals you will ever see.  Snorkel with your guide as the sharks swim calmly below you, or if you prefer, watch from the boat.

    Trips at Snorkel Bahamas are offered twice daily (mornings and afternoons) each day of the week.  Prices are $79 per person + tax with advance reservations or $89 per person + tax booked on island. Kids under 11 are discounted.