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Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

Culver City,  CA 
United States


Located in the center of the Asia-Pacific region, PNG is said to have the highest array of tropical fish and corals in the world! Encouraged by the constant movement of the surrounding Bismarck, Coral and Solomon Seas, there are a stunning array of species to be discovered. Everything from tiny Pygmy Seahorses and Nudibranchs to the magnificent whale shark can be encountered.

From North America, PNG is accessible via Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia and The Solomon Islands.

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  • Wreck Diving
    Spectacular wreck diving in Papua New Guinea reveals untouched collections of ships and aircrafts from WWII and the diverse marine life they attract....

  • With 10,000 miles of coastline and 20,000 sq miles of reef systems, divers can enjoy minimal contact with other dive groups.

    WHERE: Port Moresby, Kavieng, Tufi, Madang, Alotau, Rabaul, Kimbe.

    HOW: Tour operators offering this journey:

    • Loloata Dive (outside Port Moresby)
    • Tufi Dive (Oro Province)
    • Tawali Resort (Alotau) – MV Chertan Liveaboard
    • Walindi Plantation (Kimbe Bay) – MV Febrina Liveaboard
    • Lissenung Island Resort (Kavieng) • Clem’s Place (Kavieng)
    • Nusa Island Retreat (Kavieng)
    • MV Golden Dawn Liveaboard (Eastern Fields)
    • Kabaira Dive (Rabaul)
    • MTS’s Madang Resort (Madang)
    • TNT’s Malolo Plantation
  • The amazing & diverse dive sites of PNG
    Experience the original “Muck Diving” location that put Papua New Guinea on the map. Divers can enjoy a huge diversity of dive sites, all in PNG!...

  • Located in the Coral Triangle, the center of the Asia-Pacific region, Papua New Guinea is said to have the highest array of tropical fish and corals in the world! Divers enjoy a huge diversity of dive sites, including barrier reefs, coral walls (drop off), and coral gardens, patch reefs, fringing reefs, sea grass beds, coral atolls, and wreck dive sites. With 10,000 miles of coastline and 20,000 sq miles of reef systems, divers can enjoy minimal contact with other dive groups.


    DIVE SEASONS: Diving is possible year-round with optimal seasons of April – June and September–December.

    WATER TEMPERATURES:  Consistent 79°F along the edge of the Coral Sea and up to 87°F in the Bismarck Sea.

    TOPSIDE CLIMATE:  Coastal regions experience a tropical climate year-round. Temperatures on the coast may vary between 75°F – 85°F. If venturing to the Highlands prepare for mid 60oF during the day with cooler evenings. Dry season is May – November.

    VISIBILITY:  Dependent on area, expect anywhere from 50 – 150 Feet.

    SUIT: 3mm suits are available to hire from any dive operator.

    LUGGAGE:  For domestic flights within PNG, standard luggage allowance is 35lbs. Divers are often able to enjoy an additional 33lbs if traveling with dive gear. Consult your airline before departure on specific restrictions for your flight.


    WALINDI: Walindi Plantation Resort nestles on the shores of Kimbe Bay.

    Types of diving: Coral reef diving, Sea mount / Pinnacle diving, Macro, Pelagic, Home to 76% of the world’s coral species.

    TUFI: Tufi Resort is another incredible offering with a wide variety of diving experiences including diving the fjords to unchartered reefs and WWII wrecks.

    Types of diving: Stunning offshore reefs and vibrant inshore fjords, Seamounts, Coral Walls, Macro, Pelagic, and Wrecks.

    TAWALI: The diving from Tawali Resort is both amazing and convenient with the best diving of Milne Bay just minutes away.

    Types of diving: Macro, Muck diving, and Coral Reef Diving. Muck diving was born in Milne Bay!

    RAPOPO & KOKOPO: For more uncrowded, pristine, world class diving, explore the remote islands and check out Kokopo Beach Bungalow Resort (Rabaul-Kokopo Dive) and Rapopo Plantation Resort near Rabaul.

    Types of diving: Wreck Dives predominantly WW2 wrecks; Wall Dives; Reef Dives; Drift Dives; Shark Dives; Remote Dives; Night Dives; Pelagic; Muck; Dive and accredited EFR Courses, Introductory Dive.

    LISSENUNG: Lissenung Island Resort has it all: Pelagic fish action, currents, wall and muck diving, wrecks and beautiful reefs. Free shore diving on our house reef with morning boat dives!

    Types of diving: Very varied diving – wall, muck, wreck, pelagic, coral gardens, but probably most known for pelagic.

    MADANG: Most well-known for its visibility, Madang has some of the most rare species of marine creatures as well as active corals, barracuda, more than 20 unique dive sites minutes from Madang Resort, and WW2 wrecks.

    Types of diving: Wreck diving, Wall diving, Coral gardens.

  • Papua New Guinea Dive Association
    The Papua New Guinea Divers Association is committed to the representation of its members in the ongoing development of a sustainable, conservation-oriented, well-marketed, self-regulated, successful dive industry in Papua New Guinea....

  • In 1995, through collaboration with the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority and independent dive operators from across the country, the Papua New Guinea Dive Association (PNGDA) was formed. The association aims to conserve our unique marine environments and provide quality and engaging experiences for all visitors.

    In preservation of our marine systems, the PNGDA maintains environmental initiatives such as The Environmental Mooring Program. This program facilitated the acquisition of equipment to install permanent moorings on all dive sites in Papua New Guinea, eliminating damage caused by boat anchors on the reefs.

    To fund environmental projects in our communities and on our reefs, the PNGDA collects an Environment & Safety Fee from all divers for each dive day. The fee, which equates to about $4.00 USD per person, maintains our Hyperbaric Chamber in Port Moresby and allows divers to contribute to the preservation of our precious marine eco-system for future travelers to enjoy.

    The PNGDA is comprised of dedicated and world- class operators, a full list of which can be found at www.pngdive.com.