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Lembeh Resort

North Sulawesi, 

Luxurious accommodation & unparalleled photo facilities.

Lembeh Resort offers luxurious accommodation and unparalleled photography facilities in the Lembeh Strait. Dive Lembeh with our marine biology trained dive guides and experience Lembeh Resort’s exclusive service and exquisite dining.

The Lembeh Foundation empowers local communities through education for economically viable solutions for sustainable living.


 Show Specials

  • - Lembeh Resort & Murex Dive Resorts offer 5% discount on entire package,minimum 7 nights/17 dives package.

    - Passport to Paradise 12 nights GET first night FREE at Murex Manado.

    - Dive shops group, pelase inquire for special programs and packages.

    No deposit needed to confirm bookings (FIT/Groups)

    Free postponement for all COVID-19 affected trips

    Postponements are valid for 2 years

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  • Passport To Paradise
    Passport to Paradise is a unique diving experience which allows you to explore three distinct diving destinations in one trip....

  • Explore North Sulawesi with a Passport to Paradise

    Passport to Paradise is a unique diving experience which allows you to explore three distinct diving destinations in one trip. You’ll have 150 dive sites to choose from and with seamless boat diving transfers from resort to resort there’s no gear packing, no wasted transfer days, just relax, enjoy and dive, dive, dive. 

    North Sulawesi is a diver’s paradise situated in the heart of the coral triangle. Imagine 500 species of coral, more than 3,000 species of fish, 6 out of the 7 world turtle species, a migratory route for over 30 species of marine mammals and home to more than one third of all whale and dolphin species. To experience it all, you need to see it all and that’s why Passport to Paradise is our flagship package.

    You’ll explore Bunaken Marine Park which is home to some of Indonesia’s best wall diving sites, Bangka Island which offers such an explosion of color it will leave you spellbound and the Lembeh Strait which has the undisputed best muck diving the world.

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  • Lembeh Foundation
    Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


  • About Lembeh Foundation

    Lembeh Community Program wants to simply give back to the community by supporting local sports teams, the local Sunday School Choir and other community groups.

    Lembeh Educational Program helps to support children by providing funds for schooling and also teaches the next generation how to live comfortably without compromising the possibilities for generations to come.

    The FUNplastic program is a community platform for reducing the use of single-use plastics. FUNplastic aims to reduce plastic waste through recycling, repurposing and increasing the sustainability of natural resources by creating social and economic opportunities.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Lembeh Foundation is to manage three main programs to support and help local communities to live sustainably within their natural environment and to empower them economically.

    Our Vision

    To sustain a healthy environment for the people of Lembeh Island through education, waste management and community support.

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  • Lembeh Resort
    A luxurious dive resort in the heart of Lembeh Strait. Enjoy refined services while exploring the rich waters of Indonesia.


  • Lembeh Resort is nestled away in a private cove with a wealth of exotic flora and fauna in a central part of Lembeh Island. The secluded location of the resort ensures a quiet and tranquil experience, while the warm-hearted team offer service with a smile to make certain that your experience of Lembeh will be the best that it possibly can be.

    Perched slightly above the beautiful waters of Lembeh Strait and surrounded by lush tropical gardens Lembeh Resort was built to inconspicuously blend into the natural landscape. Westerly views of ancient extinct volcanoes and spectacular sunsets await you. Experience the warm hospitality, tropical beauty and unique wonders of our home, Lembeh Resort.

    The Lembeh Strait is recognized by marine biologists as having the World’s highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life. Our team of Dive Guides are all marine biology and underwater photography trained to ensure you experience the best of diving in Lembeh while you are here.

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