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Franko Maps, Ltd.

Keaau,  HI 
United States

Dive Maps, Fish ID Cards & More!

Nearly 200 colorful and informative dive and adventure maps and fish ID cards for destinations worldwide. We make custom products too. You can have a custom logo fish card with quantities as low as 100. Our products have sold successfully in the dive trade for more than 20 years. We seek new retailers and distributors, and are looking to expand our product line to new destinations.

 Show Specials

  • (Sep 22, 2020)

    We'll add your logo and information to our famous fish cards!

    We're offering a 20% discount on cutom fish cards, plus free freight to U.S. addresses. 

    New customers: 100 cards, including art charge normally $425.00, reduced to $340.00.

    Repeat customers (same art): 100 cards normally $350.00, reduced to $280.00.

    Inquire about lower pricing for orders of 300 or more.


  • Maldives Dive Map
    Maldives was the most searched destination on google in 2019. We have a new dive map! Side one is a detailed map of the Maldives. Atolls and major places are named. Dive sites located. Side two offers blow-ups of Malé, Addu City and Fuvahmulah....

  • Side one is a detailed map of Republic of Maldives. Atolls and major places are named. Dive sites are located.

    Side two offers blow-ups of Malé, Addu City and Fuvahmulah.

    The map is decorated with beautiful illustrations of fish and other coral reef creatures.

    12" x 18", folded to a handy 4" x 6". MSRP $7.99.

  • Sharks & Rays Cards
    We offer waterproof cards with stunning images of sharks and rays for nearly two dozen destinations worldwide....

  • Our sharks and rays illustrated identification cards cover locations in Hawaii and the Pacific, the Caribbean, and U.S. Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts.  Each card is 5.5" x 8.5", laminated, waterproof, with hole for lanyard.  MSRP $5.99.
  • Sea Life Cards
    Starting with our popular Sea Turtles lifecycle card, we have developed a line of sea life info cards....

  • Our waterproof sea life cards are informative and fun to look at. The line includes, sea turtles, humpback and gray whales, dolphins and more!

    Each card is 5.5" x 8.5", laminated with hole for lanyard.  MSRP $5.99.