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Witherspoon & Associates

Franklin,  TN 
United States

We provide Risk Transfer solutions for you with A+ rated Co.

If you need insurance advice from someone who understands the dive industry, give us a call at 615 599-0334 or email Dixon@scubains.com or visit Scubains.com

I was certified in 1976 with YMCA, I am a certified Tech for Guardian FFM, and a third-generation insurance professional with 39 years of experience. 

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  • Insurance transfers your risk to an insurance company, but when you become a member of a Risk Retention Group you retain the risk in your group and may become responsible for others claims.

    But more importantly if you are unrated, you may not meet the contractual responsibilities of your additional insured like municipalities, government entities or schools.

    Feel free to call us and we can discuss these and other issues with you.


  • SCUBA Insurance
    No liability deductibles
    Our policy is accepted by every major certifying agency in the industry
    Coverage provided (NOT Reinsured) by an A+ Superior Rated Lloyds of London
    Our staff is available by phone and email...

    • No liability deductibles
    • Our policy is accepted by every major certifying agency in the industry.
    • Coverage provided by an A+ Superior Rated Lloyds of London carrier (NOT Reinsured).
    • Are you tired of waiting weeks for proof of coverage?  We will get you proof of coverage within 48 hours after the policy is accepted. We will also send proof to your certification agencies.
    • Our staff is available via phone, email and fax.
    • Our General Liability includes Hired & Non-owned Auto. and Fire Legal liability.  Travel Agents E&O may also be added as an option.
    • Access to attorneys and risk management, including waivers.
    • We have changed to a claims-made policy like the rest of the industry.
    • Get a real person on the phone when you call.
  • SCUBA Insurance for facilities, and dive vessels
    SCUBA Insurance for individuals, facilities, and dive vessels....

  • When you do not want to retain your risk, buy insurance through an insurance company not a Risk Retention Group.