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Russian Federation

Scubatlon: Environmental Protection as a Sport

SCUBATLON is a project created by divers for divers purposed to preserve and restore coral reefs. To this end, we take the following actions: we established competitions for demonstration of buoyancy skills "SCUBATLON Open Cup", we have developed a special perfect buoyancy course "SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER", and we attract volunteers who feel confident underwater in our project for coral reef restoration.


Restore coral reefs

 Press Releases

  • (Oct 14, 2020)

    SCUBATLON is association dedicated to the promotion of safe diving, implying not only divers personal safety, but also the preservation of marine ecosystems. This is achieved through education and competitions.

    Training programs are designed for certified divers and instructors.

    The course teaches SCUBATLON SCUBA MASTER perfectly manage themselves, ensuring environmental sustainability.

    SCUBA NATURALIST – introduces students to ecology of the oceans and seas, their dwellers, and its habits.

    SCUBA RANGER – practical study of underwater flora and fauna.

    SCUBATLON is environmental project, but the competition is important part, that helps to improve diver’s skills. Association SCUBATLON holds the competitions in perfect buoyancy SCUBATLON Open Cup . 
    The SCUBATLON Open Cup is a competition of divers in the mastery of owning their body under water.

    For participation in competitions divers should passed initial training courses of any conventional systems (PADI, SSI, CMAS and etc.). Divers’ quality of the tracking the competition course allows to objectively judge the level of the skills.

    Professional courses include:

    Instructor (linesman)

    Instructor Trainer (competition judge)

    Course Director

    You must have a valid instructor certificate for passing the SCUBATLON instructor course.


  • 2. SCUBATLON Open Cup
    The SCUBATLON Open Cup is a competition of divers in the mastery of owning their body under water....

  • The SCUBATLON Open Cup is a competition of divers in the mastery of owning their body under water.

    It is quite difficult to determine the actual qualifications of a diver. The number of cards and entries in the log book does not indicate the level of training. However, the very first passage of the route shows the real situation.

    Under water, a track is established consisting of a system of obstacles. Competitors must pass the track and score the minimum number of penalty points. Each participant is given a certain amount of time to climb the track, if the participant does not fit into it, fines are also charged.

    Usually two tracks are set up and two divers participate in each swim.

    There are also two judges under the water and a senior judge with an assistant on the side.

    It is carried out in several stages, usually in the pool, but there is experience in conducting competitions in open water.

    Any configuration was allowed, including wetsuits or drysuits. The mandatory conditions included an octopus, an analog pressure gauge on a console, and tank capacity no less than 12 liters. The exception was the 11.3-liter aluminum tank, as its dimensions were close enough to the 12 liter steel tank.

    The participants swam the obstacle course with the equipment they used for open water diving. One could argue, which is better: BCD or wing? Lately, the argument also includes sidemount. Each diver selects what he or she considers is better. Everybody must comply with the following principles: personal safety, convenience and no damage to the environment. There was no need to buy special equipment for the contest. All gear and special options used for improving your streamlining and buoyance on the competition track would come in handy during the recreational diving obstacle course.

    Who can take part in SCUBATLON competitions

    Any person with a diving certificate of at least the initial level (Open water, One star1 * …) of one of the generally recognized systems.

    Age —  full 12 years

    Not only individual participants and dive clubs can take part in competitions.


    Recently, the level of competitors has grown markedly, so for successful participation in the competition, we recommend taking the SCUBATLON SCUBA  MASTER course.

  • Online projects or our answer for COVID-19
    SCUBATLON Online training and workshops
    Coral Truck Science Center online events

  • To prepare instructors and judges, we use online training in addition to workshops. The online training experience has proved to be very useful for international certification. A Scubatlon Scuba Master instructor is qualified to teach a relevant course and judge the contests. A judge, respectively, is authorized to assist the instructor when training and to judge the contests.

    To be certified as a Scubatlon instructor, one needs to have an instructor certificate from one of the generally accepted dive training agencies. Similarly, a judge should be certified as a Divemaster or Three-Star Diver, or hold a similar certification at the corresponding skill level. Since the project is still developing, we offer some free instructor and judge certificates for new regions and countries.

    You can register for the course by e-mail  info@scubatlon.com

    The problem with COVID-19 does not allow to receive visitors now. But we haven't closed and are still working.

    We offer online events in scientific style "Coral Reef and its inhabitants". As always, visitors are welcome to meet the underwater inhabitants of competitions and puzzles, and of course the traditional experience of coral recreation.

    Our project is perfect for a birthday party or just a meeting of friends. Internet also opens up new opportunities. You can invite friends from other cities and countries.

    The event is held in different languages. Including English, German. Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish and others.

    Book the event in advance by mail: info@coral-truck.com

  • 9. Coral Truck Science Center
    Mobile educational center Coral Truck appeared as a development of the NATURALIST project. But it is already oriented to the general public.
    The project idea - the organization of the educational tour.

  • Today, educational centers are becoming popular and are opening in every city. Unfortunately, residents of regions and small towns do not have an opportunity to visit them.

    The better idea is to develop something mobile initially: Mobile Center capable of traveling to visitors.

    What do we have

    Combining the opportunities of interactive 3D video and trailer-transformer  one can present a large amount of educational information using confined space. Excursion party is organized in such a way that the group walks from a multimedia stands and displays to laboratory tables where experiments are conducted. Returning to the multimedia stand, visitors perceive the next topic.

    The transformation of the trailer is crucial since the main element of the exposition is a sets of three interactive 55'' 3D monitors. For comfortable viewing of 3D content, visitors should be located at a distance of two diagonals from the monitor (9 ft or 3 m). Therefore, in a stationary position, the monitors are taken out of the trailer dimensions. It turned out to be convenient for displays, stands, and laboratory tables. In the transportation state, the trailer has dimensions of 13.6 x 2,55 meters (44’7’’ x 8’4’’) and for demonstrations the width increases by 1.30 m (4’3’’).

    The interactive 3D stand, the multimedia part of the exposition. The image without special glasses looks blurry.

    Using 3D interactive video, the Center offers education in an accessible and entertaining way. The education is interactive, and a person does not intrude on nature. Our principled policy is only “clean” non-intervention, and non-destructive technologies were used in the project. When we created the project, nothing was taken from wildlife. Sharks, jaws, all other exhibits are very skillfully made replicas. We do not have live exhibits, and this is our fundamental statement from the very beginning. But at the same time, visitors see a real picture of the life from the underwater world, and not artificially recreated, like in an aquarium. The gathered here (in virtual form) representatives of flora and fauna are rarely found underwater, and you hardly ever see them in an aquarium, they just cannot survive in captivity. However, some things are specially designed for the audience to try how do they work. For example, our favorite old diving pump greatly attracts kids to interact with the real stuff.

    The core of multimedia 3D exposition is unique, and original video content shot and processed by the project team. The underwater equipment for the 3D video was also designed, developed, and built by our group.

    One of the most popular exhibits.