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Sea Saba

Dutch Caribbean

Isn't it time for a different Caribbean experience?

Isn't it time for a different destination?  Unspoiled island, protected nature, fantastic diving--affordable and you can get there in one day...Really!  Discover why we say "Dive the Sea Saba Difference": Click here to set up a chat session or a full presentation.  Choosing the right dive shop makes the difference between a good trip and an extraordinary experience. The team of Sea Saba understands what the discerning diver wants from a dive vacation. Whether newly certified or a seasoned photographer, Sea Saba’s professional staff is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy Saba to the utmost. - Concierge-level service from your first point-of-contact - Experienced all instructor crew who still love diving as much as you do - A variety of dive packages from hotels and private cottages to eco-style retreats and luxury villas - Two 38’ boats for maximum room and comfort—Groups of 14 divers per boat OR 10 divers per boat for individual bookings - Dives that match your skill level and personal preferences - Nitrox readily available and reasonably priced - Relaxed dive schedule—3 dives daily and night dives upon request. PADI and SSI

see DEMA Special for groups and other packages!


Sea Saba 4 min overview of the island of Saba

 Show Specials

  • Book your group now whether it's for later in 2021 or 2022!

    We require only $50 per person deposit to take advantage of 2016 summer rates

    AND our group specials start as low as 6 divers!

    Email info@seasaba.com for more details, pricing and more!

 Press Releases

  • Extended stays are possible on Covid-free Saba! Tired of wearing a mask and social distancing? We are living life as normal on Saba. Winter is coming so why hibernate in the dark and cold when you can start your morning with a rainforest hike, be more productive with a great view and dive every weekend? Contact Lynn: info@seasaba.com for all the details. A covid test and 14-day quarantine are required but it's worth it!

    From our Government:

  • WINDWARDSIDE, SABA--24 OCTOBER 2020:  The island of Saba shut its borders on March 15, 2020. The lucky residents remain Covid-free and are going about their lives as normal on this beautiful nature island. But they haven't just been sitting around wondering when the tourists will return!

    What should tourists expect when the island re-opens? Not only will this nature paradise be ready to welcome divers, work has continued to protect Saba's nature.

    The Moreef project is in full swing. Learn how resident scientists are propagating urchins on land and making new homes for them in the ocean. The diadema had a massive die-off in the 1980's throughout the Caribbean. The loss of these important herbivores was one of the first issues to stress reefs in the region. Re-introducing urchins back to our dive sites in addition to continuing work with coral nurseries is another way to save coral reefs. Sign up with Sea Saba to dive this area and better understand the delicate balance in our oceans.

    Starting from the top of Saba at 3,000 feet of elevation, this unique cloudforest is dripping in orchids, epiphytes, giant banana tress and ferns. Visitors will now be able to more easily access areas and without causing any damage as a wooden boardwalk has been created by the Saba Conservation Foundation.

    Saba Conservation Foundation rangers have been participating in more training for Saba's resident and transient bird populations. There are new sightings every week! So add a birding tour to your to do list!

    Thanks to generous Dutch funding and a donation from the Edward Arnold family, a botanical garden should be completed by the time Saba's borders re-open. Located just beyond the Trail Shop in the main village, there will be easy access to observe and better understand the grand variety of Saba's species.

    Years ago, Saba put all its electrical and telephone wires underground making the island that much more beautiful and protecting our infrastructure in storm season. The Adopt-a-Box initiation (started by Lynn) promises to take this a step further by creating a walking tour while protecting the distribution boxes with secure doors and highlighting Saba's cultural heritage and interesting nature at these locations. Professionally created signage will be secured on each box with the result being a walking tour where anyone can view a map and go "box-to-box" to learn more about Saba's history, culture and environment. Now that's thinking outside the box! If you are interesting in adopting a box, simply reply to this message and look forward to following the program on Facebook.


  • DEMA SPECIAL FOR 2021 and 2022 bookings
    Take advantage of 2016 rates!
    --#6 free (and #12, #18, #24)
    --valid for groups through December 15, 2022
    --full dinner plan can be included to be fully inclusive...


    Distinctively different, diverse and delightful--AND affordable!
    We're honoring our 2016 off season rates for groups of 6 or more through December 15, 2022
    A value of $1639 per person works out to just $1079 per person: pay for 5, #6 free or pay for 10 and 11 and 12 are free!
    7 nights, 11 dives including airport transfers, daily boat transfers, daily breakfast, 2 dinners, to go lunch on day of 11th dive, free wine at happy hour and more.  To include dinner very night, add $265.

    Commissions to qualified dive centers and travel specialists

  • FOUR ELEMENTS PACKAGE w Juliana's Hotel
    Don't just go diving, have a full Saba experience...
    Come to Saba to be one with nature and simply enjoy these elements in varied contexts
    Dive in the mornings...
    Learn, Craft, Explore, Discover and Create in the afternoon...

  • Here's all the details for your special experience for parties of 4 or more:

    Commission to qualified trave specialists

  • FOUR ELEMENTS PACKAGE w Queen's Gardens Resort
    Experience the 4 elements of nature while on a great dive trip that's not just a dive trip!
    Breathe, Explore, Discover, Create, Taste...

  • don't just go on a dive trip--have an exceptional experience at a luxury property at a terrific price:

  • Sea & Learn on Saba -- Every October!
    Don't just go diving...make a difference! The annual Sea & Learn on Saba program brings scientists to Saba throughout the month of October. It's fun; it's free; and it's for everyone!...

  • Enhance your environmental awareness with marine and terrestrial presentations and field projects.

    This award-winning program is celebrating its 18th annual event.

    Individuals or groups can join dynamic night time presentations every other night at a different bar or restaurant. Presentation time is happy hour time--5:30 p.m. The focus is a casual learning environment.

    Now that you're intrigued...sign up for that expert's field project for real hands on learning. Terrestrial and marine scientists are invited each year. The program varies each year but it's always fun and interesting!  For example you can learn how to sex a turtle or monitor octopus camouflaging techniques or help to transplant corals in the nursery. Field project outside of diving hours can also be enjoyed...from tracking the nest areas of tropic birds in the morning to surveying Saba's endemic orchids or trekking in to the forest at night to mist net for bats.

    All activities are value added--free of charge and even include transportation when needed. Reserve early as it tends to be a sellout month!  Check out www.seaandlearn.org for more information, a list of sponsors and even some special pricing.

  • Shark and Turtle Guarantee
    If you dive Saba and don't see sharks and turtles on nearly every dive, you must have your eyes closed! We see sharks so often (naturally, no baiting) that Sea Saba is part of a shark research program, documenting each shark species and quantity spotted....

  • This is not a package you have to specifically book...consider this as "added value" on every dive, no extra charge!

    Just another sign of our healthy, diversified reefs, we see sharks (and turtles) on our walls, seamounts, pinnacles and even our shallower dives. 

    What kind of sharks? Our most common sharks are Caribbean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks but it would not be unheard of to see a whale shark, hammerhead, tiger or even silkie...they are around! And turtles? We see loads of both Green and Hawksbill turtles. Scientists tell us Saba is considered to be an important juvenile feeding ground...somehow turtles knowing it's a safe haven to mature before moving on.

    Simply said, don't forget your camera!

  • Dramatic Dropoffs, Seamounts and Pinnacles
    Another thing our divers love about Saba is the diverse underwater topography. Every dive site is different, all 30 of them! And most boat rides are just 5-15 minutes....

  • This is NOT an excursion you have specifically book! Our walls, seamounts and pinnacles are just part of our daily routine. Saba is just 5-square miles in area, and it's all diveable. Get intrigued by the many different areas of the Saba Marine Park or get all the indepth information on each of our 30 dive sites.

    We don't plan our dive sites in advance. Instead our team looks at the specific styles, preferences and abilities of each diver and we separate our boats accordingly. Each morning, the crew of the boat will offer the best choices of dive sites based on the conditions--so you have a voice! We neither compromise divers nor put a diver in a situation they are not yet ready for--this is just part of the Sea Saba Difference.

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