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Dallas,  TX 
United States

RAID | Dive Training in a Class of its Own

RAID is a Global Dive Training Agency offering a fully online learning system for students, dive professionals and dive centers and includes Recreational, Technical, Cave, CCR and Freediving. 

RAID is also one of the most eco-friendly dive agencies in the world. No paper, no plastic, no shipping and higher standards help protect our environment both on land and in water. Digital Training Materials, electronic c-cards and digital dive logbooks are utilized to prevent waste as well as free up space to add other product or classroom space. 

Contact: daniel.weeks@diveraid.com 

 Show Specials

  • Interested Dive Centers may currently receive all equivalent ratings that RAID offers at no cost as well as initial dive center and professional dues complimentary through 2021. This amazing offer gives any dive business the chance to try our product for a full year at no risk to them. 

    Independent dive professionals not currently affiliated with a dive center are still eligible for all equivalent materials and initial dues complimentary through 2021 but may be subject to a practical crossover fee by the RAID Instructor Trainer conducting their crossover training. 

    NOTE: This offer is valid for any current and in-status professional from an RSTC affiliated agency

    For more information, please send a contact request to info@diveraid.com 


    For a full listing of available RAID courses, please visit www.diveraid.com, register an account at no cost and preview any and all RAID courses in our library....

  • RAID has recently released FREe-LEARNING to the market. This means that anyone can create an account at no cost on our website at www.diveraid.com and download the full course for any and all courses in our library. This includes every level from student to instructor trainer. 

    Students may read every section as well as take all chapter quizzes at no cost and are only required to purchase the materials when they would like to take the final exam and complete the practical in-water training requirements for certification. 

    This is a fantastic marketing tool for any dive center or charter business. There is no limit to the amount of courses a potential student can download, giving them access to literally download over 100 courses at no cost up front. FREe-LEARNING literally takes away any potential nervousness or hesitation for a customer to purchase materials in advance or explore any type of diving, allowing dive centers to benefit from more customer conversions. 

    Copy and paste https://www.diveraid.com/content.asp?L5CdwNDeMxaiJzRlpTgYr31QMQ for a quick link to start FREe-LEARNING today!!!

  • The EDGE
    The EDGE is a digital dive magazine for everyone to enjoy and includes articles on dive locations, training and much more!...

  • The EDGE is a 100 percent digital and free dive training magazine geared for anyone and everyone who would like to suscribe. There is no payment required and it does not matter if you are a non-diver, diver or dive professional. The magazine includes information related to training as well as interesting articles from the leaders in the industry. 

    Stay updated on all things RAID!

    Please visit www.diveraid.com and click the "EDGE MAGAZINE" button on the home page. Quick link provided below: