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Underwater Technologies Center Ltd. (UTC)

Omer,  Israel 

Underwater comm, SOS, messages, navigation, and sonar.

UTC provides state of the art solutions for underwater communication, sonars (both mechanical and electronic), connection to C2 or C4i, underwater modems and more. UTC is the original manufacturer that developed the revolutionary UDI devices, the world-first underwater two-way text messaging technology, SOS calls and homing capabilities (to your buddy or boat), acoustic release systems and more. UTC products are daily used by 1st tier special forces, combat swimmers, police and professionals.


Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein, Offshore Security

 Press Releases

  • Who says only fish can communicate underwater? UTC’s new messaging device takes the fear out of diving.Underwater diving can be a magical adventure. For thrill seekers, part of the fun is that one is cut off from the rest of the world and can share experiences during the dive only through hand signals or by writing on an underwater tablet.

    But most people know that diving can be dangerous. About 100 people a year lose their lives from the sport, and thousands more put their lives at risk when they get separated from their partner, and find themselves in a remote location at sea.

    Thanks to an Israeli company, recreational, professional and military divers can now connect, share and stay safe underwater. The company Underwater Technologies Center (UTC), founded in 2003, has developed the world’s first underwater SMS-like text messaging device.

    The device known as the Underwater Digital Interface (UDI), lets users send text messages underwater, or alerts when in danger.

    Worn on the wrist like a dive computer, the device introduces new elements to underwater communications, navigation and safety. It will hit American dive shops this month, and is expected to cost about $1,600 per unit.

    Currently the only other way divers can communicate underwater today is through an expensive and cumbersome voice communications device, says Netta Kerem, UDI’s CEO.

    Relying on the physics of acoustic waves, UTC has developed an affordable solution that is capable of sending pre-programmed text messages to individuals or diving groups underwater, he tells ISRAEL21c.

    And most importantly, perhaps, is that it is also equipped with a panic S.O.S. button that can alert other divers when someone is in distress. It is also comes with a homing device that steers divers back to the boat.

    Manufactured in Ness Ziona, where the company is also based, UDI’s technology employs the physical properties of acoustic waves and the Doppler effect.

    “It is easy to convince anyone who knows anything about diving, how our company is unique,” says Kerem, who has an engineering degree from Tel Aviv University.

    First of all, says Kerem, the UDI “enhances the fun of diving. It happens all the time after a dive, where up on the boat the divers talk about what they wished they could’ve shown their friends while underwater.”

    The UDI device now lets divers share underwater marvels, through one of 14 pre-programmed text messages. A message could read: “Look at this fish”, “I want to explore this area”, or even, says Kerem jokingly, “Will you marry me?”

    That would be a romantic way to propose to someone wouldn’t it? Kerem suggests.

    But the hottest part of this technology, says Kerem, is the safety issue. “The device gives a dramatic improvement in safety, and all that the diver can dream of having,” he explains.

    If a diver is low on oxygen, or caught in seaweed, he can press a panic button, which sends a real-time signal to other divers. An antenna can also be hooked up onto the berth of a boat, which can help aid in dive and rescue missions, notes Kerem.

    The UDI device came about when the company’s founder had his own close call when diving. One diver in the group had vomited while underwater and couldn’t call back to alert his partner. “He wondered why there wasn’t more sophisticated equipment for divers available,” says Kerem.

    The safety element of the UDI is clear. And it might also give encouragement to those who were afraid to take the plunge and try diving. Kerem agrees. “It dramatically reduces the level of fear and tension when diving,” he concludes.


  • UDI-28 Wrist Unit
    The UDI™ 28 is a computation hardware device combined with software applications that implements wireless underwater digital acoustic communication capabilities , digital compass, navigation or tracking after acoustical signals....

  • UDI-28 Wrist Unit

    UDI-28 is an outstanding, technology proven device, supported by state of the art algorithms, designed to fulfill the professional’s needs.

    It offers a new software package, supporting a large number of users and messages. The UDI-28 also provides extended range, depth, endurance and a more robust error correction code, along with a new computer-based boat unit and a new active antenna.

    The UDI-28 system consists of the UDI-28 diver’s wrist-worn unit and a the UDI-28 boat (surface) unit. It incorporates digital acoustic messaging technology with SOS and homing capabilities and a 3D compass.

    The UDI-28 compact wrist-worn unit is an underwater communication and safety device. This wrist unit connects the diver with the surface vessel upon which the boat unit is located, as well as with fellow divers.

  • UDI-14 Wrist Unit
    The UDI-14 underwater communication system consists of a diver’s wrist-worn unit and a boat (surface) unit. The proven UDI-14 incorporates the world’s first two-way digital acoustic messaging technology with SOS and homing capabilities....

    • Two-way digital communication using up to 14 preset text messages that enable communication with the boat unit and with any other diver in the same network
    • Enhanced safety & reliability
    • Prompt handling of in-water emergencies
    • Diver initiated & remotely initiated SOS signal
    • Location of lost diver by homing beacon
    • 3D digital underwater compass
    • Advanced RGBM dive computer
    • Supports up to 14 divers
    • Depth: up to 50 meters/165 feet
    • Range: up to 500 meters/1640 feet
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Robust, water-resistant & energy efficient boat units
    • Programming through PC interface
    • PC-based simulation software
    • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
    Diver Detection System.
    For special forces, police and rescue teams: Rapid Deployment System....

  • Please contact up for more details
  • UDI-28 Boat Unit
    Surface system that communicates and supports teams of divers during diving operation on real time....

  • The UDI-28 Boat Unit is used for text message communication with the underwater divers. Its homing capabilities allow divers to navigate their way back to the boat.
    Naval command and control features as well as in-water surveillance capabilities provide additional diver protection and safety layers.
    The UDI-28 is an affordable solution – far less costly than other wireless communications available. In terms of price, usage and without the need to waste air consumption due to the increased volume of the full face masks required to accommodate communications, UDI-28 is the right choice.

    • Able to send and receive up to 28 pre-configured text messaging from the diver
    • Provides a remote SOS to a diver  that is suspected to be “lost”
    • Configured to allow up to 28 different divers on 2 different networks to communicate with the surface
    • Allows divers to navigate their way back to the boat via a homing beacon
    • Dual channel transmission bands and powerful error correction code for improving noise immunity
    • Water resistant suitcase, extra-long battery power, external power connection, and PC link
    • Most streamlined with a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    • Increases the safety and decreases response time to deal with in-water emergencies

  • UDI-14 Wrist Unit
    Surface system that communicates and support teams of divers during diving operations in real time.

    • Able to send and receive pre-configured text messages from the diver under the sea
    • Provides a remote SOS to a diver who is suspected to be “lost”
    • Configured to allow up to 14 different divers on 4 different networks to communicate with the surface
    • Allows divers to navigate their way back to the boat via a homing beacon
    • Water resistant suitcase, extra-long battery power, external power connection, and PC link
    • Most streamlined with a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    • Increases safety and decreases response times to deal with in-water emergencies
  • acoustic modem
    UTC has vast experience in designing different acoustic modems.
    Our OEM modems serve in a range of underwater communication systems....

  • UTC has vast experience in designing different acoustic modems.
    Our OEM modems serve in a range of underwater communication systems.

    Customers build their applications in telemetry, acoustic release, image analysis and more.

    The modems have been designed for high performance in challenging underwater environments. There are two families of modems, specifically designed for shallow water and long range.
    In addition, all modems can be connected through networks that contain 14, 28 or 56 addresses and network protocol; thus providing a complete underwater network ready to accept different software applications.

    UTC’s acoustic modems are reliable. They have been tested and in use for over 10 years, in underwater data communications in thousands of devices.

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