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Bunaken Oasis Dive and Spa Resort

North Sulawesi,  Manado 

Bunaken Oasis redefines diving in Bunaken

Positioned very much at the luxury end of the spectrum, our aim is to provide a 5-star experience whilst keeping our ecological footprint to a minimum. The resort offers 12 large, traditionally-built villas, including one family villa with two bedrooms, and one villa near the Long House for those who may have difficulty walking. A major focal point of the resort is a free form infinity pool, with sun-loungers and easy access to the bar, for those who want to spend time above, rather than below, the water.

 Show Specials

  • (Oct 28, 2020)

    Adult Group Offer

    Six guests stay for the price of five on all stays over five nights long. On top of this offer we will also include one, 60 minute free spa treatment and one free night dive per person.

    FIT Offer

    • 10% discount on stays of 5 nights or less.
    • 15% discount on stays of 7 nights or more.
    • 1 free spa treatment included per person.

    Children discounts apply.

    Travel period 1st of May 2021 to the 1st of December 2021. Booking period, must be booked by the 30th of January 2021.


    These offers cannot be used  in conjuction with any other offers. They are not redeemable on bookings already in place, these offers are only for new bookings.

    Deposits of 10% are required to secure bookings. should you not be able to travel after you have paid your final balance, we will offer a full refund on the deposit. The final balance is due 4 weeks prior to arrival. Should you not be able to travel due to foreign office advice, or if you have contacted Covid we will offer you a rebooking period of 12 months.


  • Luxury Cottages
    All cottages have air conditioning, safe, mini-fridge, hairdryer, Dolce Gusto coffee machine, Samsung tablet, wireless speaker, hot/cold water dispenser and organic toiletries.

  • We conceived Bunaken Oasis with one overriding aim in mind: to create a dive resort whose every aspect meets our own exacting requirements for quality and service, both on land and on the sea.  Distilling our experiences from luxury (and not-so-luxury) resorts around the world, our refusal to compromise means that every guest - whether scuba diving, rebreather diving, snorkelling, taking underwater photography, or simply relaxing by the pool - can enjoy the treasures of Bunaken from a luxury diving resort which anticipates and meets just about their every need.

    The resort offers 12 large, traditionally-built villas, including one family villa with two bedrooms, and one villa near the Long House for those who may have difficulty walking.

    A major focal point of the resort is a free form infinity pool, with sun-loungers and easy access to the bar, for those who want to spend time above, rather than below, the water.

    In addition to a chill-out cocktail bar and a full-service restaurant serving Indonesian and international cuisine, guest amenities also include an air conditioned library, a fully-equipped classroom in the Dive Centre with 4k flat-screen TV, especially useful for photographic groups, and a spacious camera room with more charging points than you will ever need.

    The Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is a protected, though fragile, environment, and we are committed to taking our eco- responsibilites very seriously.  Using our own bore holes, or even sea-water, with water makers and ultraviolet treatment, we have ensured that all the water in the resort is fully drinkable, and we can avoid the need for one of the greatest pollutants of our time - plastic bottles.  In addition, all waste water will be processed through a water-treatment plant.

    Wherever possible, we will hire Indonesian staff for all positions; when this is not possible, it will be part of the job description of the foreign incumbent to develop his or her local successor.

    Your transfer boat from the mainland will moor at our private jetty, and you’ll enter Bunaken Oasis through our beautiful Long House.  Above the Long House is a spectacular free form infinity pool, ideal for who might choose to relax and catch some sun rather than dive.

    Moving past the pool, you come to the chill-out cocktail bar, where you can enjoy a range of fine wines and spirits (and Bintang!) while you unwind beneath the stars. To the side of the bar is our restaurant, and because you’ll be spending quite a lot of time here, we’ve really made it something special: with fantastic views over the pool, Long House and out to sea, you’ll enjoy gourmet Asian and western cuisine at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Towards the rear of the resort is our tranquil Spa; wind down after a day’s diving by choosing a massage from our extensive menu of treatments, and leave yourself in the hands of one of our fully-trained therapists.  

    Whether you opt for a king-sized or twin-bed configuration, your 70sqm, traditionally-built villa contains everything to make your stay with us exceptional: air conditioning, spacious and luxurious indoor bathroom with local produced and organic products, sumptuous furniture in keeping with the traditional styles, Dolce Gusto coffee machine, free easy to access Wi-Fi, a Samsung tablet loaded with fish guides and more, a Bluetooth speaker and a beautiful large balcony with stunning views from each of our villas.

  • Diving
    We have redefined diving in Indonesia. Weather if you are a beginner or an expired diver who loves tech, we have something fro you....

  • All of our boats have fresh water showers, flush toilets, hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and snacks. Our dive guides are qualified to Dive Master or above, and there are no more than 4 guests allocated to a dive guide.

    Our fleet of dive boats includes an extremely spacious 17.5m fibreglass catamaran, together with five beautiful, traditional wooden boats. Guest numbers are limited to 8 on the catamaran and 4 on the 14m wooden boats, with 6 divers on the larger wooden boats. This guarantees no overcrowding either on the boat or at the dive sites.

    Our 5* PADI dive centre has been designed with the photographer in mind. It has a large camera room, with plenty of shelf space and charging points, and a classroom with a large 4K television, ideal for photography groups. Our dive centre offers a full range of PADI courses. Bunaken Oasis stocks an extensive range of rental diving equipment from leading manufacturers.

    Technical Divers 

    Oasis Explorers is a newly-launched technical training facility located at Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa. The facility is the first in the Bunaken Marine Park to offer multi-agency technical training, trimix and CCR compatibility, and a vastness of unexplored deep-dive sites, all in the setting of an award-winning luxury dive resort. Expect a state-of-the-art filling station, specialised equipment, experienced surface support and expert advisors.

    Oasis Explorers will also be working on opportunities in North Sulawesi for more detailed scientific surveys, environmental awareness for deep- water marine species, and the first comprehensive mapping project beyond recreational depths.

    Technical divers go beyond the recreational limits of scuba diving, usually deeper than 40m/130ft,

    and with planned decompression stops. 

    They may accelerate their decompression by switching to a stage cylinder with a higher oxygen content, and more advanced technical divers may breathe a mix of air, oxygen and helium to allow them to dive much deeper.

    Due to their extra training, experience and specialised equipment, technical divers are able to explore new dive sites at

    a considerably greater depth, and may also focus their training on on

    Here at Oasis Explorers we have an experienced technical diving team to help guide you in the right direction, and professional technical diving instructors who teach courses beginning at the introductory level.

    Oasis offer an extensive range of technical diving courses including:

    • PADI Tec 40
    • PADI Tec 45
    • PADI Tec 50
    • PADI Trimix 65
    • PADI Advanced Trimix
    • PADI Tec Trimix Gas Blender PADI Equipment Specialist
    • Discover Rebreather
    • PADI Rebreather Diver -
    • Poseidon Se7en
    • PADI Advanced Rebreather
    • Diver - Poseidon Se7en
    • PADI Tec 40 Rebreather Diver - Poseidon Se7en
    • TDI Intro to Tech
    • TDI Advanced Nitrox
    • TDI Compression Procedures TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco procedures 
    • TDI Extended Range ,
    • TDI Trimix
    • TDI Technical Divemaster

    You are required to fill out an RSTC Medical Statement, which must be signed by a physician, prior to any technical diving or technical dive in- water training.

    You are also required to be fully covered with an active insurance policy that specifically states you are insured for technical diving. We recommend Divers Alert Network (DAN).