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Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc.

Burlington,  NC 
United States

PSI-PCI, Inc. Your Cylinder Safety Solution!

Professional Scuba Inspectors (PSI), aka Professional Cylinder Inspectors (PCI) or PSI-PCI, is the leader for visual cylinder inspection training and has been for over 35 years. PSI-PCI still offers the only training  formally endorsed, recognized and utilized by cylinder manufacturers and recognized by US DOT, OSHA, Compressed Gas Association (for more information visit our website). Our training meets USA and Canadian Federal regulations for visual inspection, cylinder hazmat handling and fill station operations. Thousands of PSI-PCI Visual Cylinder Inspection, Eddy Current Testing, Valve Repair and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning courses are conducted annually worldwide.  Inspectors who take PSI-PCI training are afforded the best support system available anywhere with knowledgeable, professional & accurate consultation; plus a full line of quality, standards compliant inspection tools.

There is NO "equivalent course"!  PSI-PCI inspectors work in Aerospace Industry, NOAA, in the military, fire service, police, dive, hydro facilities worldwide and more. You too can join the professional team of PSI-PCI Inspectors! Visit us: PSI-PCI 


PSI-PCI is Your Cylinder Safety Solution

 Show Specials

  • Given the special requirements of conducting training virtually, PSI-PCI is offering Training + Tools Packages.  You will be able to get the tools needed for the hands on parts of the training and they will be yours to keep!  We will have two packages for the Visual Cylinder Inspection course and one for the Valve Repair Technician Course.  

    The first pacakge includes registration for the Visual Cylinder Inspection course and the  basic hand tools and LED Bright White light.  Perfect for inspection of cylinders in air service.

    The second package is similar but substitues the LED Duplex light which is the light of choice for inspections of cylinder in either air or enriched air (like Nitrox) service.  It includes both the Bright White Light and the UV light in proper frequency in one wand.  No need for separate lights!   This meets the CGA O2 inspection requirements.  Both the PSI-PCI inspection lights are excellent quality and made in the USA!

    The Valve Repair Technician package includes registration for the Valve Repair Technician course plus the PSI-PCI Valve Maintenance Tool Kit.  The kit includes all the tools you need to properly maintenance most of the valves currently on the market today.  

    Visit our Show Schedule page for more information and to sign up today.  Seats are limited so don't delay! See you at DEMA!

 Press Releases

  • The most trusted and widely recognized company for Visual Cylinder Inspection training, Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc. (aka PSI-PCI, Inc) will be offering for the first time ever - our Visual Cylinder Inspection course and supporting Specialty courses via live web virtual meetings!  Join us for the full suite of our training Saturday November 14 and Sunday November 15.  

    Also for the first time ever we will be offering Training+Tools packages for those that will need tools for completing the training and for inspection afterwards.  You will be introduced to the regulations and requirements involved with cylinder inspection.  There is far too much to cover all the associated information in one day so we cover basic information for valves, oxygen cleaning, eddy current testing, etc., in the Visual Cylinder Inspection program. But for formal function specific training required to meet the Federal requirements for those Specialties, we will be offering them on Sunday at DEMA.  

    For the full schedule of training and to register online follow this link to our Show Schedule page.  

    So if you inspect cylinders in your course of business (or just want to know the Federal requirements for doing so) this course is for you.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.  425-398-4300 or staff@psicylinders.com.  We will look forward to seeing you at DEMA!

  • WOW!  What a turn out!  The Virtual Live Training option has been a huge success and we will spend this weekend training new inspectors and current inspectors on Visual Cylinder Inspection, recurrent training and specialties.  

    But if you missed out on the training at DEMA, do not worry.  We are offering alterntive dates for taking the Virtual Live Training for Visual Cylinder Inspection, Valve Repair Technician and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician.  We can also make arrangements to host the Annual Update if you are in need to renew and prefer a live instructor to the Online Training Module.  

    Visit our website for more opportunities to take PSI-PCI training virtually!  Oh--and YES!  We are still offering courses in person so feel free to contact us at HQ or one of our affiliate instructors to set it up.  


  • Dip Tube Removal Tool
    Easily remove and replace valve dip tubes without damage!...

  • Tired of breaking off dip tubes while trying to service valves?  This tool is for you!  PSI-PCI prides itself on providing excellent quality, practical tools and this one is no different. Easily grasp and remove/replace a dip tube without damaging it.  The tool on the end easily reaches the bonnet nut to disengage while servicing the valve. 

    Click HERE to order.