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Sue Hamilton

Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet


Years with Explorer Ventures: Since 2010

Living place: St Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Business/Experience/Education backgrounds: BA and graduate work in Psychology, Mercer University 1975 and NC State University 1978. Advertising background until 1994 when I entered the scuba industry, first with Harbor Village Bonaire then 10 years with the Dancer Fleet followed by 10+ years to date with EV.

Years Diving (or a bit of her passion for the ocean): 32 years. Sue is OWD and Nitrox certified."The question for me is how it came about and the answer is working with Peter Hughes whose passion goes unmatched.

Favorite place to travel/dive: "Overall, Papua New Guinea, Bali/Komodo and I like Singapore."

Favorite pastime/hobby: "Spending time with my 6-year old Weimaraner, Bogart and Crossfit".

Something unique or little known about her: "Back in the day, I ran 6 marathons! Don’t ask me to do that, today".

Favorite quote: "This crap I’m making up is true".


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