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Don Kinney

Cylinder Training Services
PO Box 531
United States


Don Kinney started formally working with and filling high pressure cylinders in 1991. With his background in public safety he continued to gain knowledge in the field of high pressure cylinders and began to develop training programs. He has developed programs for other agencies which included; Eddy Current testing (2003), SCBA, Fire Department (2004) and a Fire Safety Seminar program (2004). He went on to develop a private visual inspection program covering cylinders, valves, cleaning and compressors in 2011. At this time he realized that inspectors needed a source for affordable and high quality inspection tools. His tools are designed for the high pressure cylinder industry, and assist them in determining damage and ensuring cylinders remain safe. In 2014 he developed an inspection program for An International Training organization where he published a manual and helped develop their on-line training program.
Don continues to dedicate himself to safety in the high pressure cylinder industries. He is continually updating his Visual inspection program and has authored books in Fill station safety and developed training programs around facility safety. He prides himself on understanding the client and their needs and coming up with a safe and useful training program designed to keep them safe and save them thousands of dollars.
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