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Service in the New Normal: Equipping Your Staff to Handle the Change

  • Education Platform: GoTo Webinar
Thursday, December 31, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


Greg Holt
ScubaRadio (Overboard Entertainment, Inc.)
DEMA Seminar Speaker
Karen Barry
Senior Consultant and Trainer
The Friedman Group


Upon reopening, most stores have focused on logistics such as safety measures, merchandising, and staffing. However, as the competitive landscape continues to shift, it is not enough to open with caution. Set your team up for excellence, not survival. Your stores and staff need to serve with confidence, joy and a desire to win.




• Go ‘all in’ on the new normal, creating an environment where employees feel good about being there and customers will want to shop
• Adjust selling behavior to accommodate mask-wearing and distance measures
• Respond appropriately to varying customer emotions and responses, and diffuse difficult customer situations
• Understand how KPIs such as conversion rate and average sale may be different due to new customer shopping behaviors
• Manage your omnichannel – improve skills in phone selling, online chat, social media management, as well as developing meaningful relationships with curbside and in-store pickup customers.
• Learn to coach and manage a staff of employees who may have widely varied views and experiences of the pandemic
• Help prepare your team with Friedman-style reality checks, energy, and valuable strategies to implement immediately. Returning to business is not simply a matter of lifting the gate. Your customers deserve better. It’s Showtime!

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