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How to Recession-Proof Your Small Business

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Thursday, December 31, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


DEMA Seminar Speaker
Ken Countess
Managing Director
The Countess Group dba KENisEMAIL
Tec Clark
Founder and Host


It’s no wonder many small business owners easily lose confidence and give up quickly instead of plowing through the tough times. But in many cases, that’s the exact opposite reaction small business owners should have. There are things you can do to improve the health of your business and turn things around. In this presentation, we'll cover:

* Common reasons small businesses fail

* Takeaways from large, multi-billion businesses who struggled and made a successful comeback

* Things you can do to make your business “recession-proof”




In this presentation, you’ll learn:
• How to avoid the making the mistakes many businesses make - even the biggest brand names in the world
• From short case studies of Apple, Starbucks and Best Buy to discover ways to generate sustained business, even in a difficult economy
• Where you should focus your efforts
• To understand the needs and pain points your product or service can solve for clients
• How to develop a strategy that is the right fit for your business

Who Can Attend:
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