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Takeover My Makeover: How to Reinvent Your Retail Space!

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Thursday, December 31, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


DEMA Seminar Speaker
Georganne Bender
KIZER & BENDER Speaking!
Greg Holt
ScubaRadio (Overboard Entertainment, Inc.)
DEMA Seminar Speaker
Rich Kizer
KIZER & BENDER Speaking!


When was the last time you shook things up on your sales floor? Moved things around, gave it a fresh coat of paint or spiffed up your signing program? Last year? Five years ago? Never? Well, if a complete remodel isn’t in the cards any time soon, you need this seminar! Join professional store planners Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender and learn how simple moves on your sales floor can work wonders. You’ll learn how to put the science of shopping to work and embrace your space, plus the latest in layout tricks of the trade you will be able to easily replicate on your own sales floor. You'll learn: How to utilize Enablers, Inhibitors and Impression Points on your sales floor to increase sales; How to set store windows that POP; How to determine which type of layout is right for your sales floor; How to work Speed Bumps, Strike Zone Merchandising, Power Walls, and Merchandise Outposts to sell more; Why cashwrap placement is critical; How to use Cross-Merchandising to increase sales, and more!




You’ll learn:
• How to choose which type of layout is right for your store
• How to create and control the shopper experience by with strategically placed displays that move shoppers throughout your sales floor
• How to identify your Decompression Zone and use it to your advantage
• How to use Speed Bumps; Strike Zone Merchandising; Power Walls; and Merchandise Outposts to sell more product
• Tips to make your Store Windows stop traffic
• Where to locate your Checkout Counter and why its placement is critical

Who Can Attend:
DEMA Show Online Education Package Required