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Start with a Smile: How Games, Quizzes and Contests Boost Customer Acquisition

  • Education Platform: GoTo Webinar
Thursday, December 31, 2020: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


Greg Holt
ScubaRadio (Overboard Entertainment, Inc.)
DEMA Seminar Speaker
Jennifer Shaheen
The Technology Therapy Group


The quick, simple games and quizzes you see on social media & websites offer far more than a few minutes of fun. In fact, they’re surprisingly powerful customer acquisition and market research tools. In this high energy session, digital relationship expert, Jennifer Shaheen, presents an end-to-end overview of purpose-built data capture tools, including mobile games, quizzes, contests and giveaways. You’ll learn the strategic application of these tools and how they can help you meet your growth goals. Dive industry case study features SDI/TDI’s What Type of Rescue Hero Are You, which generated substantial return on inquiries and illuminates the role games can play. Tips for seamlessly integrating games, quizzes and contests into your existing digital experience for best results, with a focus on how to identify and capitalize on valuable insights from the data capture. This is an advanced session designed for businesses who have a working knowledge of digital marketing, data & analytics.




• More than Just a Good Time – What Do Games, Quizzes & Contests Really Accomplish
• The Customer Experience – the Value of Fun in Customer Acquisition
• Data Capture – Purpose Built Games to Meet Your Specific Business Needs
• SDI/TDI Case Study: What Kind of Rescue Hero Are You
• Winning with Games – Relationship Strengthening
• Identify which Specific Business Questions could be best Answered with a Game
• Identify actionable insights from limited data sets

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