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Clearwater Paradise Resort

Guanaja,  Bay Islands 
  • Booth: 1138

Welcome to Clearwater Paradise Resort!

Clearwater Paradise Resort where Our motto is “Good Food, Good Beds, and Good Diving.” 

Looking for SCUBA diving trips that are out of the ordinary, with truly pristine dive sites and usually not another dive boat in sight? Then we are the place for you! We can accommodate anywhere from two divers to a group of 20.

We are a full service dive operation complete with our owner/instructor trainer, George Peel, and our lead dive master, Witi Quinones. You won’t just get the normal 45 to 50 minute dive at Clearwater Paradise Resort. George has been accused of having gills behind his ears, he and Witi both have great air consumption, so you’ll be in the water as long as the dive profile and your air consumption allows. Most of our dives are an hour plus due to the way the reef comes up to the surface, and they take advantage of that during most dives.

Visit our booth 1020 and ask about our DEMA special and we hope to see you in Paradise soon!