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The Chilam Group

Chetumal,  Quintana Roo 
  • Booth: 643

We specializes in organizing customised trips in the Yucatan

The Chilam Group is committed to environmental conservation and sustainable tourism.Our tour operators host multi-destination trips that are supported by local, independently run businesses. Promoting them successfully in niche markets requires a diverse executive team that is vertically integrated, with a robust and far-reaching sales and marketing arm, successful relationships with partners around the world and a strong online/IT component. We develop and run excursion, hotel and food service operations in locations that are undeveloped or underdeveloped, often remote, to the highest standards with regard to facilities, infrastructure and service. We then add value to these operations with custom-designed sales, marketing, administrative support and infrastructure. We complement our own products with trip components run by handpicked partners so we can deliver a high-caliber, end-to-end experience to our customers.


  • Crocs Encounter at Banco Chinchorro
    XTC Dive Center is now operating expeditions to facilitate close encounters with American Crocodiles (Cocodrylus Acutus) on the remote Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve in southern Quintana Roo


  • Banco Chinchorro at 800 km2 is the largest coral reef atoll in the northern hemisphere.

    Being a Biosphere Reserve with no permanent settlements and very limited access, it is among the last few truly unspoilt, majestic natural wonders remaining.

    In and around Cayo Centro, the largest island of three that are on the atoll, lives one of the largest known populations of American Crocodiles.

    Due to their interaction with the small group of seasonal fishermen in the reseve, they have become accustomed to coming out to clear, shallow water where we can facilitate some truly close encounters with large, and often multiple, crocodiles.

    We are currently taking only small groups of no more than six experienced divers on a very limited basis. Ensuring we don’t alter their behavioral and feeding habits, we are also restricting the amount of trips we run every year. We are working with outfitters and groups who specialize in, and look for, big animal encounters.

  • Whale Sharks Encounter
    This is far and away the world’s best Whale Shark encounter.
    The Whale Sharks are here May through September, with peak season being June, July and August.

  • The waters off Isla Mujeres towards Isla Contoy are certainly special.

    Although the largest and most reliable attraction here is the world’s largest congregation of Whale Sharks, in the hundreds, it is not unusual to also see giant mantas, schooling mobulas and other pelagic life when out here.

    This skin-diving experience is suitable for everyone, even small children and older adults.

    The waters are almost always dead calm and the Whale Sharks calmly swimming by or static, sometimes bouncing up and down in a bottle position, feeding off of the Bonito eggs that bring them here.

  • Cenote Diving
    "The best way to observe the blue is to dive and become a part of it"
    Explore Mexico ancient cenotes with Maya Blue Dive Center....

  • Spend some time in the magical Maya Blue cenotes, now that you’re here. So, you don’t regret it afterwards! Because the diving is nothing less than top-class, offering a gateway to see the subterranean realm.

    During our scuba tours you will have the privilege to get a closer look to the underground network with the shafts of sunray revealing the ancient secrets of the past cultures.

    If you haven’t been diving for a while and don’t want to miss out just doing skills. With our refreshers you will have the best of both, we’ll get you comfortable and up-to-date while seeing the cenote at the same time.

    Maybe you want to know what it is to gracefully dive through the water under full control to enjoy your dives even more. Stay inspired by combining to refine your skills with our cenote excursions.

    Explore with our superior tours by professional instructors and certified cave guides.

    All our tours are always personalized to ensure you make the most of your visit! Your safety and comfort will come first and foremost. Our purpose-built facility is specially designed for a wide range of cenote expeditions, with outstanding logistics and conveniently located

    We hope you will be a part of the Maya Blue Dive community. Please join us on our guided tours or training programs!

  • XTC Dive Center
    XTC Dive Center is a top-rated, PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center and Resort located in Xcalak, Mexico. XTC offers a rare combination of first-class facilities and services in a remote, unspoiled setting

  • Beginner Courses:

    XTC offers a full range of entry-level diver courses and experience programs for new divers of all ages. We have a purpose-built training pool for SCUBA certifications as well as access to some great areas for shallow water training on our inner reef where you can spot lots of colorful reef fishes, manatees and eagle rays while learning the basics of diving. And our outer reefs are some of the most pristine on the Mayan Riviera. Inside this beginner courses you can find:

    "Bubblemakers": includes a brief academic session to familiarize young students with the scuba equipment.

    "Discover Scuba Diving": this course is an excellent way to "test the waters", includes an hour-long academic session, a practice dive in the bay and an open water boat dive with your instructor.

    "PADI Scuba Diver": this program is a pre-entry level certification that is perfect for vacationers or people who only plan to dive a couple times a year.

    "Open Water E- Learning referral": The second way to become certified is to take advantage of PADI´S e-learning platform.

    "Referral Course": The third way to become certified is to do a "referral" course. In this case, you do your academic modules and confined water practices with a dive instructor or dive center near home.

    Courses for Certified Divers:

    Looking to broaden your horizons? XTC is one of the best-equipped dive centers in Mexico and has an experienced dive staff which is able to introduce you to new experiences, skills and dive sites to make your Mexican holiday a bit more challenging! In addition to the PADI Advanced and Rescue Diver courses, we cater to those looking to expand their knowledge base even further.
    We have a range of Eco programs such as Coral Reef Conservation, Reef Monitoring and Project AWARE programs. Also on offer are many specialty courses, such as Deep, Enriched Air, Gas Blending and a full menu of technical training on both open circuit and rebreathers. And you get to complete these courses on some of Mexico’s finest reefs!

    "Refresher Course": This program was designed for certified divers who have not been diving in over 12 months and needs to take this course to get re acquainted with diving equipment and basic skills.

    "Advanced Open Water Certification": Will give you the confidence, skills and experience to take your diving to new levels.

    "Rescue Diver": This course is designated to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals to effectively perform in water rescues and assiters, manage diving accident situations, render proper first aid and qualify for PADI Divemaster training .

    "AOW- Rescue E- Learning Referral": Rescue training will expand you knowledge and skills so you can assist other divers, handle problems and emergencies and help prevent problems from arising in the first place.

    "EFR" (primary and secondary): The emergency First Response (EFR) course provides extensive instruction in CPR and First Aid, as well as optional Secondary Care, emergency oxygen and EAD (automated external defibrillator)sections. This certification fulfills the medical training requirement to enroll in the Rescue Diver course.


    XTC Dive Center offers a variety of specialties and techincal courses upon request. We can certify you for anything from PADI Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, or Underwater Naturalist.

  • ​"Cozumel Express by Maya Blue by The Sea"
    Discovering the wonders underwater in Cozumel...

  • The Cozumel reef is part of the second-largest reef system on earth after the Great Barrier reef. Is considered one of the best diving areas in the world. Our dive trips there run daily from our Dive Facility “Maya Blue By The Sea” located in Puerto Aventuras, right at the heart of the Riviera Maya.

    Our 45ft “Cozumel Express” dive boats are fully equipped to have a nice ride to the island. Let us be your guides through this spectacular adventure and take you to enjoy some best coral reef diving with awesome visibility and water clarity that distinguishes the island.

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XTC Dive Center
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