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French Tech Startups are taking over diving innovation!

5 French Tech Startups introduce new ways to dive on CIRSEA’s booth:

Māoï by Thalatoo

The first head-up display dive computer of Thalatoo range:

  • Improve experience without any compromise with safety: information is displayed on a transparent screen without disturbing the diver's field of vision
  • adapts to all kind of masks

Seabed Buggy

  • Dive down to 130 feet with no equipment on your body
  • Offer safe first dives to non-swimmers
  • Shore dive further
  • Look your best on underwater pictures

The Seabed Buggy offers it all!

Fins by GoNSea

Manufacturer of Carbon fibre and fiberglass fins for all aquatic sports activities. Works of art as beautiful as Technical. Made in France.

O-Dive by Azoth-Systems

O'Dive is an Iot with an App enabling a new management of diver's decompression procedure. It is based on a vascular microbubble detection by Doppler after the dive.

Underwater GPS by Subteq

Underwater GPS navigator with a touchscreen and three acoustic communication buoys at the surface. Enables the diver to see its position and trajectory in real-time on a map.

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Brand Name 1
Visit Seabed
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Brand Name 3
Go N Sea
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Azoth Systems