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Valuable dive experience and fun family memories in one!

STEPDive is an easy to use, 2 or 3 person air supply system that allows dive centers, dive schools, and passionate SCUBA parents to safely share the underwater world with young divers. 


Experience Before Depth! 

STEPDive is leading a new page in youth dive training, with an innovative approach that establishes a stronger foundation and more extensive experience in basic safety behavior, technique, and buoyancy awareness. 

A surface floating SCUBA tank provides air to the divers below, but unlike traditional surface supplied systems, STEPDive has been specifically engineered and innovated for the safety and comfort of youth to gradually build up SCUBA experience.  Designed and developed by a passionate diver dad, with 2 international patents filed. 

Come check us out for unique opportunities for:

  • Certified SCUBA parents & their families
  • Dive center programs
  • Cruise and charter programs
  • Dive schools & training clubs