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Welcome to experience the feeling of “fly” in the water.

Founded in September 2015, Robosea, as an industry-leading company, is a company with the most advanced technology that specialized in R&D, manufacture, and marketing. Robosea has built underwater robots with different features that can be used for various application scenarios. Robosea has received more than 60 patents, including one PCT, 28 trademarks in China and other countries. 20 products of five different categories have been built so far, including bionic robotic fish, unmanned surface vehicle, ROV, amphibious tracked car and underwater scooter. Besides, Robosea has established business relationships with dozens of users from military, government, major enterprises and public institutions. As for the accomplishment on consumer electronics, the bionic inspired robofish has also done a great job in overseas market that has attracted a host of users from North America, EU, Middle East, East Asia, etc. The head office of Robosea is based in Haidian District, Beijing, mainly responsible for product design, R&D, and Marketing promotion.


    Seaflyer can make you look chic. With its help, you can swim amid the ocean creatures; explore the romantic and mysterious underwater world. Seaflyer is very easy to control, just put your hands on the handles, press the buttons and ready to go....

  • SEAFLYER is a consumer-grade underwater scooter with excellent user experience that can make your underwater/on-water activity more powerful. With its help, you can easily become a “professional swimmer” and enjoy the fun more than you may expect. The original positive buoyancy design makes the SeaFlyer able to float automatically when not in use. There are two speed options for you to choose. You can also learn water depth, water temperature, battery life and other metrics on the OLED dashboard at any time.
  • BIKI
    A smart underwater robot for photography which benefits people who love underwater photography. Biki is designed for both adults and kids. Biki’s light and portable, its original look and unique features make it a spotlight wherever it presents....

  • BIKI is a consumer-grade underwater robot developed by Robosea for the purpose of underwater photography and filming. Inspired by the boxfish native to the reef area, BIKI is built on the basis of the bionic and hydrodynamic theory, with the motion being generated by the caudal fin. It’s streamline body not only looks small and cute, it’s also capable of underwater photography, filming and other things, while integrating high-tech, such as modular design, smart obstacle avoidance, and auto return.