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Mote Marine proves Reef Safe formulas non-toxic to coral.

REEF SAFE SUNCARE by Tropical Seas

The following is a link to the Mote Marine Tropical laboratory report on our Reef Safe by Tropical Seas formulas, both containing oxybenzone and oxybenzone free. As you will see in the report there was less than 0.05% change in coral health over a 20 day period , double dosing at 29.84X Expected Environmental Conditions (EEC)

. It is my opinion, Downs had a non-realistic entry into the ocean environment of oxybenzone, and he further tested oxybenzone at 100% strength , not in a properly formulated sunscreen. Sunscreen entry into the ocean is caused from sunscreens leaching off the skin of sun bathers, swimmers, snorkelers & divers.The addition of DMSO to seawater was, per our test enough to kill coral larvae without any addition of oxybenzone required as it raised the sewater temperature from 68°F to 111.2°F and pH to 12.4 Corals thrive 73-84°F , pH around 8.2.