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The SCUBAJET PRO is the smallest dive scooter on the market

SCUBAJET PRO is the most versatile and flexible water jet system for almost any water sports gear and smallest dive scooter on the market. It is the lightweight alternative to existing diver propulsion systems. This solution is unique, there's nothing like it on the market. By using the innovative adapter systems, SCUBAJET transforms paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, dinghies and other small boats into powerful electric gadgets. Measuring only 42 cm (~16 inch) in length and with a diameter of 8 cm (~3 inch) and weighing just 3kg (~6,6 lbs), SCUBAJET is easy to transport and fits in every backpack. The powerful electric engine generates amazing 20 kg (44 lbs) of thrust. It reaches up to 7 mph on the SUP. It comes with different two different battery packs (200 wh and 400 wh) and is ready to use within seconds. SCUBAJET is constructed for max. pressure of 6 bar / 87psi and up to 60m / 196 ft. It can be controlled with a wireless remote control during SUP, canoe, kayak or dinghy trips or directly on the device while diving or snorkeling. More information:

 Show Specials

  • The exclusive bonus special at the upcoming DEMA Show 2019 is available for all new dealers, rentals and dive business related orders. Orders that are placed directly at the DEMA Show (November 13th to 16th) get 10% off regular dealer pricing for the initial order. If you want to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our SCUBAJET team via or get more information about the SCUBAJET PRO on


  • The brand new SCUBAJET PRO
    SCUBAJET announces the launch of the new flagship product, the SCUBAJET PRO and set new standards in the water sports sector....

  • The new SCUBAJET PRO is 30% more efficient and is equipped with patented SJ smart lithium-ion battery technology. Thus the SJ PRO 200 offers pure fun and action on the water up to 2 hours, the SJ PRO 400 even up to 4 hours. The new SJ PRO is  completely made of aluminium, high quality is assured and the diving depth is extended by 50%, to a total of up to 60 meters (almost 200 feet). There are more adapters available as well: The newly developed Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand is provided with a 2.4” LED display that shows information like diving depth, remaining battery runtime, engine rating and water temperature. The brand new Dive Controller PRO Dual Hand makes diving easier with its two-handed operation. The Dual Hand Concept brings also new possibilities for underwater Filmer and Photographer. The SCUBAJET becomes intuitively operable with fully adjustable speed control, while providing information shown on the display for more safety and convenience during the dive.