Submersible Systems, Inc.

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States
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Spare Air - The Diver's Reserve Parachute

"I never thought it would happen to me....but on the night I ran out of air, it nearly cost me my life," shares Larry Williamson, Inventor of Spare Air. Submersible Systems is the manufacturer of Spare Air, the Original Miniature Breathing Device for scuba divers. Spare Air is the obvious emergency system choice - it is easier than buddy breathing and simple to use. Just put Spare Air in your mouth and breathe. It's that easy. Log on to our website at to find out the ''21 Ways Divers Run Out of Air" and "Why Sharing Air is Not the Solution" as well as view over 100 Testimonials from real-life customers in real out of air emergencies. Join the Ranks - Over 300,000 discriminating divers like yourself have chosen Spare Air. Celebrating over 35 years of saving lives. SPARE AIR - BECAUSE SELF-RESCUE IS THE ULTIMATE BUDDY.