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Trinidad and Tobago
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Biodiverse Tobago is a diver’s paradise!

Biodiverse Tobago is a diver’s paradise, offering an incredible range of stunning underwater sites that belie the island’s small size.Tobago boasts an impressive number of dive sites for such a tiny island, with more than 50 well-established spots where one can experience the magical underwater world.

Tobago has enough diversity to satisfy every taste and suit all levels of experience. The combination of Atlantic and Caribbean waters, the mixing of currents, and the varied underwater topography - from rock formations to long sloping reefs, sunken ships to sheer submarine cliffs - mean highly contrasting experiences can be had within a relatively small area. Shallow waters and easily accessible coral reefs, as in Buccoo, provide the perfect environment for snorkellers. The gentle currents and effortless flow of drift diving make Tobago well-suited for novice divers, whilst the more experienced will also find more than enough challenge and interest.