Serenity Concept

Louis Philibert BP70070,  Aix en Provence Cedex 4 
  • Booth: 2411

Live your passion with great SERENITY.

Created in 2013, Aix Sonic is a French research unit in electronics located in Aix en Provence in the south of France.

We are developing electronic cards for our customers and are specialised in on-board electronic systems.

Yannick Almeras, founder of “Serenity Concept” had the idea of this range during a dive in Philippines that turned bad. Following a turtle, he lost his diving group and had a hard time to find his way back to the boat.

He had the idea to develop a system allowing the diver to find the boat easily.

The team is growing. We are 11 at the moment : 6 engineers, 5 people working for the commercial and administrative part of the firm.

We currently have 4 products, our goal is to develop an entire range.