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Ossidabile Srl.

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o s s i d a b i l e - The Bronze Made in Italy

We understand the oxidation, the transformation of the material, as a metaphor with a much higher meaning: the transformation of an ideal into a solid action. We support the Made in Italy value, producing our hand-crafted pendants in Italy, and convert part of the revenue (5% of the whole e-shop and 100% of the Sea-horse pendant) into a concrete help to encourage the self-sustainability and the access to education through our project For Africa. During the last 3 years, we have bought a tractor and we are helping to build a school. We pursue a company model that seeks a balance between material and spiritual enrichment. We follow the inspiration of an art that goes above a trend. A bind of lives, our lives, directed to a business model that unties the oxymoron with the ethics, so that the combination of profits, planet and people doesn’t represent a limit but an enhancement. We believe in a sustainable development for those who live on the opposite side of our wealth, where each day is a gift; getting to the heart of oppressed and poor Countries; sharing our faculty of choice with whom don’t have it; bringing in person funds, tools and items that give value to life.

o s s i d a b i l e

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