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Jump into the PSS world and enjoy the dive evolution

PSS is a worldwide diver training agency and member of R.S.T.C. Furthermore the rules of PSS diving courses are certified as complying with ISO standard. PSS deals with the training of divers at any level and in any activity, from free diving to recreational diving, from cave diving to technical diving.

PSS Worldwide's educational activities belong to four educational divisions: FREE DIVING (snorkeling and free diving courses);  RECREATIONAL (recreational diving courses using air or nitrox, not below 40 meters (130 feet) and within the no-decompression stop); TECHNICAL (technical diving courses using different gas mixtures, beyond any of the limits of Recreational courses); EMERGENCY (courses in emergency management, general and specific to diving activities in particular).  

PSS created EVO, The most advanced study system for students and the system that really simplify the instructor's task. Available for all PSS courses on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.  Try EVO free